Workshop Replay

Licensing Strategies for Mobile App Developers

What You’ll Learn

  • Speaker Intro

  • 2 Core Licensing Strategies

  • IP Protection Strategies

  •  Promoting and Presenting Your Licensing Opportunity

  • Critical Negotiating Deal Points

  • Strategies for Structuring Licensing Terms

  •  Summary of Key Points

Your Host

Rand Brenner
Licensing Consulting Group

Rand Brenner is President and CEO of Licensing Consulting Group, an IP consultancy and licensing firm specializing in specializing in assisting clients in Strategic Consulting, Licensing Management and IP Due Diligence.  He has an extensive career as both licensee and licensor, and has developed licensing programs for several Hollywood blockbusters including the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Batman.  Rand is also a professional speaker on licensing, and has presented at numerous business events, conferences and trade shows. His latest book, Hidden Wealth: The Money Making Power of Licensing was published in 2019. Rand has written several article on intellectual property licensing that have appeared in the Licensing Journal and Intellectual Property Magazine.