The Licensing Mindset

How to Think Like an IP Entrepreneur

This workshop is for IP owners and non-owners – inventors, authors, entrepreneurs, small and large businesses- anyone who wants to discover new ways to unlock the money-making opportunities of their intellectual property.

Learn how some of the most successful  entrepreneurs use IP and licensing to build their fortunes.

  • How a Seminar Teacher Used Licensing to Turn His Course into a Worldwide Training Company.
  • Find Out How a Housewife Turned Her Cookie Recipe into a Multi-Billion Dollar  Food Brand.
  • Learn Why Most IP Sits “Undiscovered” and How to Spot these New Licensing Opportunities.
  • Learn how Breakthrough IPs Transform the World and  Create Huge New Licensing Opportunities.
  • Discover How a Couple of College Grad Students Combined IP’s and Licensing to Create a Multi-Billion Dollar Global Tech Company
  • And Much More!