If you’re new to the world of intellectual property and licensing, then this course is for you. It’s a plain-language guide on what licensing is and how to use it to make money with your IP. 

Here's What's Covered:

  •  What is licensing and how it works
  • The different types of intellectual property
  • The key steps to developing a successful licensing program
  • Ways to position your intellectual property to attract licensees
  • Sources for finding the right licensees
  • Examples of intellectual property licensing
  • Quick-start steps for using it to make money
  • A “can’t miss” way to get started. 
  • How to present yourself when putting license agreements together 
  • How to start with no prior experience 
  • Everything you need to find intellectual properties to license 

Licensing is the process of making money with intellectual property. It is a skill set that gives you the unlimited ability to generate wealth with IP.