Licensing 101

The Beginners Guide to Making Money with Intellectual Property

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Here's What's Covered

  • Why intellectual property is the next big wealth creating opportunity
  • The two categories of intellectual property and the different types of IP
  • Why people often confuse the two categories of IP
  • Why most people miss the big licensing opportunities with IP
  • Why many of these companies and entrepreneurs don’t have the internal resources to quickly develop new product and services
  • Why they rely on the “inventor” community to give them innovative products and services.
  • How licensing is a quick and powerful method for tapping into a partner who is already producing and selling goods or services into one or more markets.
  • How licensing creates recurring revenue and why it’s so profitable
  • Why developing a licensing mindset is critical to thinking about new ways of making money with your IP
  • Why licensing is one of the most exciting multi-billion dollar opportunity, and works the same whether you are in Toledo or Tokyo
  • The Language of Licensing
  • 2 Keys to Finding the Right Partner
  • Secrets to Selling Your Licensing Deal
  • 4 B’s of Negotiating
  • 5 Ways to Do a Licensing Deal
  • 5 Golden Rules of Licensing

And more.

Patent Owners Guide to Licensing

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