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How to License Your Mobile App


Are you ready to unlock new revenue streams with your mobile apps? This free webinar, ‘How to License Mobile Apps,’ is the perfect place to start!

Learn how to turn your app IP into multiple licensees. Plus, you’ll get tips on protecting your app with different types of IP and strategies for structuring licensing agreements.

By viewing this free on-demand workshop, you’ll acquire valuable information that will help you make the most of your mobile applications.

  • Learn two strategies for offsetting costs while generating backend revenue and promoting your application without disclosing confidential information.
  • Discover valuable pointers on how to find the right partner and negotiate a licensing deal.
  • Explore ideas to structure essential terms in the licensing agreement.
  • Learn an effective way to control features or operational aspects of your applications, such as usage terms and integration—allowing for further customization and creating extra value for customers.

It’s time you brought your app to new heights; sign up today and enter the lucrative world of mobile app licensing!

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