About Licensing4Profits

Hello and welcome to Licensing4Profits.  I’m Rand Brenner and I created this website to help you learn and master the skills to turn your intellectual property into money making licensing deals.

Licensing4Profits is your resource for information, mentoring, advice and real world expertise on how to make money buying and selling intellectual property rights.  You’ll find the right licensing resources for any stage of your licensing process – whether you are new to the world of  intellectual property, need advice on what to do with your IP, or ready to take your licensing opportunities to the next level.

What is Licensing?

In a nutshell, licensing is a different way of thinking about the use of “intellectual property,” – which is the legal term for someone’s idea. Whether it’s a patent, trademark, or original work as a film, book, cartoon, or video game – licensing provides a framework to unite the owners of these ideas with the people who know how to sell them.

Licensing works hand in hand with marketing because licensing is a function of marketing.

Licensing is another way to market and distribute your technology, product, or service. That is crucial to keep in mind because the people you’re going to propose your licensing deals to are marketers and promoters. These are the people who will know how to market and sell your intellectual property, and you must learn how to approach them correctly, understand what’s important to them, present successfully and speak to them in their language.

The Key to Success in Licensing

Though licensing is rarely talked about, it is an insanely profitable business and has created some of today’s largest fortunes. Licensing is lucrative for all types: creative people who offer the ideas, business people to promote the ideas and bring products to market, and agents to spot new opportunities and act on them!

Licensing intellectual property is a fast-track ticket to generating money and creating wealth – and you don’t have to figure it out yourself or do it alone. Whether you are an inventor with the new IP, a business ready to expand, or an entrepreneur looking for the next big opportunity, Licensing4Profits is the only place that gives you access to continuously updated content with real world actionable information you can use right now to start making money with your IP.