Licensing Skills

Licensing Toolkits

Licensing Toolkit for Patent Owners

The Licensing Toolkit For Patent Owners is a proven step-by-step system for creating money-making licensing deals for your patent. Don’t risk losing the time and money you’ve invested in your patent. The next best investment you can make is investing in the skills and knowledge to successfully commercialize and generate money with it the right way.

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Licensing Toolkit for Trademark Owners

Your trademark builds value every time it’s used. But the question is how are you going to use it? The Licensing Toolkit gives you the tools specifically tailored with the right information, steps, and processes to successfully turn your trademark or brand into money-making licensing deals.

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Licensing Strategies

How to License Seminars and Workshops

It doesn’t matter if it’s sales training, personal-growth seminars, or marketing systems, if you are selling it, you can make more money licensing it. You’ll learn how to make your seminar or workshop into an IP product and how to develop and carry out a licensing plan that works for you. You’ll find out how to develop marketing materials using workbook examples and templates.

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University IP

Find out how to tap billions of dollars in market-ready IP to launch a start-up business. Did you know there is an untapped billion-dollar opportunity for start-up companies? It’s called

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How-To Workshops

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