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Inside Secrets to Landing Your First Licensing Partner

The Simple Process of Attracting Potential Licensees with Just One Email Per Week

This method makes it easy for you to get going and make progress without feeling overwhelmed.  Following this system, you’ll make more progress in the next 12 weeks than you’ve made in the last year.

A Simple Two Step Process

This course features bite-sized tips and tactics for starting your licensing outreach campaign from scratch. You’ll learn a two-step process that makes the job a lot easier.

You’ll find out how to write just one email each week that can capture potential licensee interest in a way that requires minimal time and effort but big results. Additionally, when you get a response affirming interest, you’ll learn how best to proceed with a follow-up email that eventually leads to closing the deal successfully.

You will have access to detailed and actionable strategies for effective licensing outreach to get straight into the market without too much hassle. Get insightful guiding posts from me as you develop your plan and take it step by step with strategic advice from a professional who has already gone down this path many times.

How to Make Sure It's The Right Partner

How do you know your licensing partner is up to the task? You’ll learn about the four most important questions to answer when evaluating potential licensees so that you can be confident in your choice.

Get tips on navigating difficult situations from one of our case studies. We’ll tell you how successful licensing can be when partnered with the perfect partner – such as a small French company that used licensing tactics to become the world’s best-selling women’s facial cream!

You’ll get the necessary knowledge and guidance for picking the best licensee possible! Don’t make a mistake that could cost thousands – this alone is worth the investment in this training course.

Secrets to Getting Responses

Learn the secrets to making your outreach efforts both effective and productive. You’ll learn what no one else knows about crafting an introductory email that gets results.

What should you include, what shouldn’t you include, and how to structure it to capture people’s attention. We also cover why the ‘shotgun approach’ isn’t always effective (and typically a waste of time) and how to best reach out compellingly and authentically from start to finish.

By quickly mastering these essential skills, your IP stands to benefit greatly by becoming more attractive to licensors. So stop wasting time on surface-level solutions that are only skin deep. Invest in secrets guaranteed to give you real, tangible results!

What to Send First

Not only will you learn tips on crafting a solid introduction email, but also what needs to be in a licensing one-sheet and tips for dealing with confidentiality.

You’ll get plenty of insight into setting up the right email campaign for your licensing opportunity, which can lead to great success. We even discuss “keeping less is more” when making your one sheet and how this can help make signing a deal reality. You will also learn how many emails to send each week and how to monitor them.

With all this knowledge, potential partners will be more likely to have a phone call with you if they want to license your technology or product!

Real World Answers to Questions

The last part is a Q&A session where you’ll hear answers to participants’ specific IP and what they need to do. Here are some of the questions:

  • I have copyrights? What else can I do with them?
  • Do contract manufacturers make for good licensees?
  • Should the one-sheet be sent with the intro email?
  • Can I license an internet domain?
  • Should I include pictures in the one-sheet?
  • I haven’t finished a prototype, will a licensee develop one for me and could we jointly market?
  • If I’m a coach or consultant, can I use licensing to expand my business and how?
  • I’ve developed courses for academia, can I license those to universities?
  • I have a patent in different countries, can I license those separately to separate licensees?
  • How long can I license a patent for? Is licensing a good strategy for startups in software and technology?
  • I have a trademark as part of a patent, is that included in the patent or licensed separately and is that a separate fee?
  • How can I license my product if I have limited prototypes?
  • If I have a new patent but prototypes haven’t been built, is that something that can be licensed?
  • Do I need to have a lawyer involved in the process of licensing?

But Wait, There’s More. You Also Get…

Bonus 1 – ($49 Value) 

6 Sources To Finding Licensing Partners (MP4)

Discover 6 different gold mines to find the licensing partners that connect to your opportunity easily. These sources will also show you where to find decision-makers directly, getting an inside track to understanding any industry, and fast-track relationship-building tips. 

Bonus 2 – ($19 Value) 

5 Low Cost and No-Cost Ways to Promote Your Licensing Opportunity

Are you an IP owner looking to make money with your intellectual property? Look no further – we have the perfect solution for you!

Our new eBook report – “5 Low Cost and No Cost Ways to Promote Your Licensing Opportunity,” – provides you with cutting-edge ways to get the word out about  your IP licensing opportunity, with either no cost or at a low cost.

Bonus 3 – ($175 Value)

The Licensing Compass Mini-Coaching Session*

Even with all the information, you need to talk to an objective expert about your situation. This 30-minute one-on-one telephone coaching session will help you get an expert opinion on where you are and what you need to do.

*See the terms and conditions of the coaching session.

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