According the a recent study by the world bank, 80% of the wealth in rich countries is the intangible type (i.e. intellectual property). The problem is the skills you learned focus on making money with the tangible type (i.e.products and services) . That’s one of the biggest obstacles to making money with intellectual property. A lack of the right skills.

The rapid pace of change in IP laws worldwide, and the recognition by governments, corporations, and investors of the value of intellectual property assets makes IP literacy and licensing the new, indispensable skill set of the 21st century.

Like any other skill set, whether its accounting, marketing, construction or copyrighting, you need professional guidance to coach, teach and show you how to use those skills successfully. It’s a skill set that, once mastered, gives you the unlimited ability to generate wealth with intellectual property.

IP management and licensing skills are not taught in any school or university. That’s why I created IP to Income: How to Make Money Licensing Your Intellectual Property. This audio workshop is your first step in learning and mastering the licensing skill set.

ip to income



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Here are some of the money-making licensing skills you’ll learn during this workshop:

  • How to develop the “Licensing Mindset”
  • How to create your licensing action plan
  • How to know where your IP will fit in partners business model
  • How to quickly build your IP “attraction factor”
  • The key marketing principles for maximizing your IP income
  • Why going global is one of the best options for licensing
  • How to avoid some of the biggest licensing mistakes
  • How to use licensing to make, market, sell and expand on your IP
  • How to create a licensing presentation that sells
  • The number one secret for negotiating success
  • How to negotiate the right licensing terms and avoid the wrong ones
  • And much, much more…

Licensing intellectual property is the money-making skill set of the 21st century.  It doesn’t matter what type of IP you own – patent, trademark, copyright or trade secret – IP to Income is your first step in mastering the basic licensing skills you need to find, develop and create money-making licensing deals.  If you listen to the workshop and follow the systems and processes, you will be successful with your licensing program. It will be an investment that will repay you many times over.

Hi Rand, I ordered the IP To Income Course. The course was a superior foundation to the world of licensing. I believe everyone and anyone should own this course to start their career in licensing. The course is reasonably price so there’s no excuse not to get started. Ken B.