One of the biggest obstacles to making money with IP is not having a plan of action.




The Road-map to Creating Wealth with IP

Your IP is a money-making asset and you must have a licensing plan to commercialize it. Without a plan, you face potential risks including:

  • Overlooking licensable parts of your IP assets
  • Partnering with the wrong type of licensee
  • Wasting time and money on the wrong licensing initiatives
  • Missed income opportunities



Successfully licensing your IP requires you think about all the different options and opportunities for your IP. Your licensing plan includes what strategies you’ll use, who the right type of licensees are and the “action steps” you’ll take to create a successful licensing program.Here’s what’s covered in the e-course:

  • The 8 Critical Questions to answer Before you Develop a Licensing Action Plan
  • Identifying the Right Resources to Make your IP Licensable
  • Why Should I license this IP – Understanding the Licensee Benefits
  • “ Show Me the Money” Financial Forecast – Building a Quick IP Profitability Analysis
  • The Fast Track Licensing Plan – Review of the Quick Start 3 Part Licensing Worksheet

After viewing this e-course, you’ll have the knowledge, information and tools to quickly create a licensing action plan.