Today over 80% of the value of a business is its intangible assets, primarily in the form of intellectual property. Yet US companies annually waste $1 trillion in underused intellectual property assets according to a report by Forrester Research. The biggest reason for this waste is the lack of understanding by business owners and CEOs of how to manage and make money with these IP assets.


A two-hour strategic training program on how to protect, manage and license your business IP.



Profit is now a game of out thinking your competitor and less about outproducing him. The old business model designs a product and sells it to create a major product stream. The new business model is built on intellectual property (IP) to generate much higher value than the traditional “product only” business.

Today’s market investors are looking more and more at companies with intellectual property. Businesses that focus on creating and controlling rights to IP will be the most successful in this new economy. Understanding how to create, manage and make money with IP is now one of the most important skill sets for any business owner or CEO.

Those lacking the skill set of managing and making money with IP are at a disadvantage. Without adequate knowledge, you face a number of potential problems:

  • Not understanding the basic concepts of IP and rights protection
  • Infringing by others of your IP
  • Not securing proper agreements on IP ownership
  • Loss of confidential information
  • Losing value of trademark through inappropriate use
  • Failure to mark goods (TM, copyright, patents, registered designs)
  • Leakage and misappropriation of trade secrets
  • Making IP disclosures without proper documents
  • Missed income opportunities

CEO’s and business owners who understand IP and how to create and control it will have mastered one of the most important business skill sets of the 21st Century. Leveraging the cash flow rights of intellectual property is the power play to grow and expand a business in today’s global marketplace. Licensing is a rapid expansion tactic to grow your business quickly.


2 hour audio seminar
51 Page Audio Workshop Transcribed Book
12 Page Reference Notes Workbook

Bonus Product: 57 Page Resource Guide with Sample Licensing Agreements

Added Bonus: One Hour Telephone Consultation.

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Developing a Licensing Strategy

Many small to mid-size business owners don’t realize they have intellectual property they can leverage. Logos, trademarks, products, processes, and services are all examples of possible intellectual properties you may already own. Licensing this property to other companies will help you reach different markets and territories with little effort. And while this is one technique for growth, you could also acquire additional intellectual properties, and diversify your marketing strategy even further.

In Part 1 of this audio workshop, you’ll hear the options business owners have when it comes to developing an intellectual property strategy for growth through leveraging, licensing and acquiring intellectual property.

In Part 2, you’ll hear how to evaluate your business and your intellectual properties so you can increase your business’s revenue and value.

• How to determine the economic value of your intellectual property and how to use it to access capital
• Ways to use licensing as the contractual tool to build strategic alliances and partnerships
• Examples of how to leverage your intellectual property in more ways than just financial
• Ways to use licensing to get a competitive position in a niche market
• Online and offline strategies for acquiring products and expanding your market
• Ways to use licensing to promote your products and services to create a loyal clientele
• Why you’ll want to make sure your employees are covered under a work-for-hire agreement – and how to do it

Owning intellectual property means you have exclusive rights to a particular product, service, process or innovation. This exclusivity gives you a significant market advantage, and in the first part of this workshop, you’ll hear how to develop a licensing strategy to accelerate your competitive advantage opportunities.


Unlocking the Money Making Power of your Intellectual Property

As economies around the world change, many opportunities emerge, especially for small-to-midsize businesses. And licensing gives business owners a new way to think about everyday products and services, and the linear way they’re usually promoted.

By unlocking the commercial value of intellectual property, you can use it to form partnerships, finance business ventures, enter new markets, and access new resources. But you should know what kind of property you have first. Unfortunately, many businesses overlook the fact that their products, services, and processes actually evolve into intellectual properties over time.

In Part 3, you’ll learn how to build a portfolio of intellectual property. You’ll get a full overview of the process from partnering with other companies to leveraging the resources of your organization.

In Part 4, you’ll learn how to “think outside the box” by using licensing to enhance the market value of your small business, obtain financing, and develop a business plan. Extracting the full value is really what leveraging is about. And you’ll hear how to manage all your intangible assets.

• How to use licensing as a first step to not only forming a partnership with other companies but also a long-term merger, acquisition, or exit strategy
• All about the strategic alliances and joint ventures you can make with licensing – and what to look for in the perfect partner
• Key terms you’ll need to know along the way like a minimum guarantee, quarterly reporting, and quality control
• All the advantages “having an exclusive” affords you when it comes to licensing and a few caveats to look out for
• Exactly what you need to be aware of before you sub-license to make sure everyone is on the same page
• Franchising as a licensing option – and the differences between it and a licensing agreement
• Why large corporations can’t always commercialize their smaller technologies – and how small businesses can use that as a huge opportunity
• How to use licensing to attract investors and get a start-up up and running
• Real-life examples of how licensing works

Intellectual properties are just the tip of the iceberg. What you’re really leveraging are all the resources and opportunities behind it, and in the second half of this audio workshop, you’ll learn the what and how to leverage all the money making opportunities of intellectual properties.

Bonus Worldwide Licensing Resource Guide ($999 Value)

57 page interactive resource guide giving you quick access to valuable licensing resources including:
• Manufacturing Trade Associations
• Worldwide Patent Search Engines
• Available for Licensing Online Directories
• Valuation, Licensing and IP Exchanges
• Links to US Government Funding Sources
• Sample Agreements including NDA, Deal Memo and Licensing Contracts


  • 2 hour audio seminar
  • 51 Page Audio Workshop Transcribed Book
  • 12 Page Reference Notes Workbook

Bonus Product: 57 Page Resource Guide with Sample Licensing Agreements

Added Bonus: One hour telephone consultation ($350 value)

Delivery:  Download

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