Learn the secrets to transforming your info product into an “info IP” and how to make more money without selling a single product.

Includes: 90 Minute Video Course with Reference Notes




Learn how to transform your information product into money-making licensing deals. 

Licensing multiplies your information product revenue streams. When you offer an “information product” you are selling one product at a time. That’s called generating one time revenue. But when you change your thinking and license your information IP (intellectual Property), you receive ongoing recurring revenues. That’s because you only have to license your info IP once to get paid over and over. You receive royalties on the sales from multiple licensees who are selling hundreds or thousands of your info IP products. That’s called creating wealth.

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Here’s what you’ll learn in this course:

  • How to leverage your info IP into multiple revenue streams
  • The difference between and information product an info IP
  • How licensing can double or triple your customer base and income
  • Why licensing is more profitable than selling
  • How to find information products to license
  • How to turn any information product into a licensable “IP (Intellectual Property)
  • Three key licensing strategies and how to use them to maximize your revenues
  • How to use licensing to increase the value of your info IP and business
  • And much, much more…


[su_quote]What I found useful about the knowledge Rand gave me was that anybody can do it. He has done it, has a proven track record, and he gives us the tools to do it (licensing). It’s just amazing, so I truly suggest that anybody get a chance to meet, talk, or attend the seminar to do so. Bill N.[/su_quote]

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