Licensing Mistakes

Licensing 101 – An IP in Motion Makes Money

If you don’t start the race, you’ll never finish. I’m always amazed when I ask IP owners what they do with their IP. Most of the time, the answer is

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Are You Taking a Shortcut to a Bad Licensing Partner?

Taking shortcuts to get a deal done quickly is tempting. While taking the easy way may seem like a good idea, you can wind up with a wrong licensing partner

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Are You Bogged Down Protecting Your IP Instead of Making Money With It?

Protecting your intellectual property takes time. Especially if it is a patent, waiting to get your complete patent application can take up to three years. What do you do in

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Is Your Exclusive Licensing Deal Costing You Money?

I’m often asked what exclusivity means in a licensing agreement. I always like to say there’s no such thing as an exclusive, exclusive. Exclusivity should always be tied to performance.

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If You’re Too Hungry for a Deal, You Could Get Eaten Alive

The first deal that comes up isn’t always the best one. Especially if it’s the only one on the table. But if you’re too hungry for it, you’ll also lose

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If It Isn’t a Win-Win Deal, You’ll Both Lose

When one or both partners are not happy about the licensing agreement, nobody wins.  If it isn’t a good deal for both parties, it won’t last. Eventually, either you or

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Believing These 5 Myths About Licensing Keeps You From Doing It

Licensing is a process. It requires doing certain activities and tasks to protect, manage, and turn your intellectual property into a money-making licensing deal. The problem is licensing is often

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Are You Trying to License Your IP with the “What In It For Me” Mindset?

The first thing many IP owners think of when trying to make money with their IP is “What’s in it for me”? How much can I charge? I want to

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Are You Confusing the Royalty Rate with the Royalty Calculation?

When it comes to getting paid in a licensing deal, there’s a big difference between the royalty rate and how it’s used to calculate royalty payments. If it’s not clear

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