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The Secret Weapon Bill Gates Leveraged To Strike A
No-Brainer Deal With IBM That Made Him A Multi-Millionaire

Recognize this man? Yes, that’s Bill Gates – owner and co-founder of Microsoft Corporation. What exactly happened that launched him and his company with a bang and changed the world forever?

At the time, IBM had been in the computer business longer than any other company in their industry, and there was a new revolution emerging on the horizon – the dawn of the personal computer.

The personal computer was going to be the computer business’s crown jewels, and IBM expected to be the dominant force when that moment arrived.

At the time, personal computers didn’t exist the way we know them today. No one had a personal computer in their office, bedroom, or backpack, but young Bill saw the future and saw a massive opportunity in a significant weakness that IBM had.

IBM was the best at creating and manufacturing hardware, but their hardware didn’t have a “brain” – the software. You had to be a programmer to make any computer useful to you, and everyone in the world certainly did not know how to write a program, so they couldn’t operate a computer. It was virtually useless to the masses.

Enter young Bill Gates, who was a programmer and knew he couldn’t let this tremendous opportunity slip right through his fingers – taking action and acting fast was critical, or he would later regret it. He knew all the money was going to be made, not in the computers’ manufacturing, which was what IBM thought, but in selling the software.

The problem was – he didn’t have the software that would
operate IBM’s computers – at least not yet…

Knowing that he had to do something to take advantage of this opportunity of a lifetime, he got an appointment (his mom worked at IBM) and presented them with a proposal that could have gone something along these lines:

Bill: Nobody will use your computer if they don’t have a way to use it. You’re all engineers, and you all know how to operate computers, but everyone else in the world doesn’t. They need an operating system to do it.

IBM: Okay – we’re listening…

Bill: I’ll create an operating system for you that will make it easy for anyone to be able to use your computers. It’s the piece that you don’t have – the missing piece to your equation. Without it, your PC’s won’t sell in the volumes you want. With it, you can own the personal computer market.

IBM: Okay, we’re willing to take a bet on this. We agree to let you supply us with an operating system for our IBM Personal Computer that’s due to launch. We’ll use your operating system. You’ve got a couple of months to deliver, or we’ll go with someone else.

Bill: Deal.

At that point, Bill didn’t have the operating system yet, so he asked around his network in the programming community and caught wind of someone who had written the code for an operating system close to the specifications he needed for IBM’s personal computer.

He borrowed $50,000 from friends and family to buy full ownership of the operating system (the intellectual property), so no one could claim any rights to it in the future. The guy who sold it to Bill had been sitting on this goldmine and wasn’t aware of what it was potentially worth. And if he did, he took much too long to move on it and figure out a way to profit from it before Bill made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Unfortunately, he didn’t see Bill’s opportunity, so he was more than happy to sell it. Bill locked up the rights before anyone caught on to his master plan and spent months reworking the software to make it fit IBM’s computer perfectly.

He goes back to IBM with the software and has a conversation that may have gone something like this:

Bill: It’s done. Here’s the operating system. Ready to go.

IBM: We like your operating system – we want it. But, we don’t want to pay you any money for it upfront. We want to minimize our risk – we don’t like the idea of paying upfront for this.

Bill: Okay… fine. Would you agree to give me a percentage of each computer sold that has my operating system in it? Instead of paying anything to me upfront, let’s just do this on a royalty basis instead, and you pay me out of all the PC sales made. Is that agreeable?

IBM: That’s perfect, Mr. Gates. You have a deal.

The Secret Weapon Deployed

What just happened, there was a pure licensing deal where intellectual property was produced and licensed.

Bill didn’t have the time to code an operating system from scratch. So he bought one from someone who wasn’t doing anything with it for $50,000, and he owned it outright.

IBM didn’t want to risk any money upfront, so they struck a deal to license the software on a royalty basis. IBM liked that they didn’t have to spend any money to get the operating system into their hardware, and they could pay for the use of it out of all the PC sales.

The benefit to Bill was that he could leverage IBM’s massive marketing and advertising budget. IBM had access to the market, credibility, and the marketing muscle to publicize the PC. Bill could not have afforded to market and promote his operating system on his own and rode on the back of IBM’s marketing efforts.

As the personal computer industry exploded, Bill got a piece of every single PC sold without spending a cent on marketing and advertising. The more IBM sold, the bigger the royalty checks Bill banked – every single time. Over the next few years, this made Bill Gates a multi-millionaire at a very young age. Today, that $50,000 investment in intellectual property has made him a billionaire and one of the wealthiest individuals on Earth.

Bill’s 2 Basic Deals

If you were to boil it all down to the essentials, Bill basically did 2 deals.

Deal #1– The first deal was an intellectual property acquisition deal where he bought the operating system’s rights so he could own it outright. Now that it was in his full control, he moved on to…

Deal #2 – This was a licensing deal that gave IBM permission to install every PC with the Microsoft operating system. That deal gave Bill the ability to borrow IBM’s marketing muscle to reach the market with his product on a massive scale that he otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do on his own.

“The better you understand effective marketing and sales principles and strategies, the faster you can make a fortune in licensing.”

Pay real close attention to this next sentence:

Licensing works hand in hand with marketing because licensing IS a function of marketing.

Licensing is another way to market and distribute your technology, product, or service. This is crucial to keep in mind because the people you’re going to propose your licensing deals to are marketers and promoters. These are the people that will know how to market and sell your intellectual property, and you must learn how to approach them correctly, understand what’s important to them, present correctly and speak to them in their language. I’ve taught several people how to do this the right way, as you’ll see below.

So What Exactly Is Intellectual Property
& Licensing –
And How Does It Work?

A licensing deal is simply giving someone permission to use your intellectual property (product, service, technology, or brand) in exchange for compensation, which generates income for you.

Most people generally think of intellectual property (IP) as patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

What is often overlooked is that IP could be more than just a product, brand, book, or software. IP extends into many formats, including customer information, software source code, business models, databases, operations manuals, professional expertise, and much more.

These additional parts of the intellectual property that are often overlooked are some of the most valuable.

Some examples include a business with professional expertise in business coaching or consulting that others can benefit from. Or it could be an intellectual property that a company was unable to commercialize, and instead of just doing nothing, they could find other applications for it in different industries.

One of the best ways you can recognize your intellectual property is to make a list.

There are five categories that you can divide your intellectual property into:

  • Marketing-related (e.g., trademarks and brands),
  • Customer-related (e.g., lists and contracts),
  • Artistic-related (e.g., books, movies, and music),
  • Contract-based (e.g., licensing and franchising) and
  • Technology-based (e.g., patents and trade secrets). 

This ONE critical thing is almost always left out…

Most experts like to focus all their training on teaching you how to protect your intellectual property without concentrating on the most crucial thing in any business, which is – generating revenue!

Without income, without revenue, you don’t have a business.

Let me repeat that:

Without income, without revenue, you don’t have a business.

What would you rather do?

  1. Spend all your time and money to find and protect every little loophole you can discover but never getting get to the point of generating actual revenue – OR…
  2. Spend the minimum amount of time and money required to adequately protect your intellectual property so you can reach the revenue generation point sooner rather than later?

Of course, you would want to go with Option 2.

Why wait any longer to start licensing and earning revenue from your intellectual property than you have to? This is a business, and cash flow is the name of the game in any business. The sooner you can reach cash flow, the better for your business and the better for YOU.

At the licensing stage, it’s time to make money.

The Licensing “Swiss-Army Knife”…
One Tool, Many Ways To Cut Your Slice of The Revenue Pie.

Licensing applies to any IP you can think of. There are money-making opportunities in:

  • Licensing Art
  • Licensing Entertainment Brands
  • Licensing Sports Logos
  • Licensing Fashion Brands
  • Licensing Books, Magazines, Training Products or any Information Products in Publishing
  • Licensing Business Products
  • Licensing Technology Products
  • Licensing Medical Products
  • Licensing Pharmaceutical Products
  • Licensing Services
  • Licensing Systems, Processes and Methodologies
  • Licensing Personalities
  • And many more…

Name any industry or category of business you can think of, and I can guarantee you that people are quietly shaking hands-on licensing deals in that industry right now. It doesn’t matter what field or industry you’re in; licensing is something that can add to your revenue-generating toolbox.

No matter how well your business is doing right now – no matter what industry you are in, whether you have an online/offline business – you can use licensing to make more money and expand or grow your business.

The Money Making Licensing Process

As you can see, intellectual property is all around you – you use it every day. From the music you play to the software you’re using on your computer, the transportation you ride, and the books you read. The apps you use on your mobile phone, the TV shows and movies you watch, the cereal you eat for breakfast, and all the various products and services you’ve ever bought before and will continue to buy – all are created from intellectual property.

The key to creating wealth with intellectual property is understanding how to use it to create tangible wealth. Its real power is transforming these intangible assets into actual wealth. That’s what the “Licensing Process” is all about – turning intangible assets – intellectual property – into income and revenue.

There are 3 main parts to the money-making “Licensing Process”:

The Licensing Process

Step One – Developing / Securing Intellectual Property Rights

You do this by creating or buying intellectual property and registering its trademark or copyright to ensure protection.

Step Two – Finding The Right Partners to License

The real power of licensing is harnessed by connecting with the people who have the expertise and resources to make, market, and sell the products, services, and technologies created from the intellectual property.

Step Three – Give Rights Through Agreements

The last part of this money-making system is giving (licensing) the intellectual property rights to the partners you’ve found. This is done with a licensing agreement between you (the IP owner) and the licensee (the company or business getting the rights to use your intellectual property). It is through these agreements that the terms of your payment are outlined and executed.

This is the outline of how fortunes have been made. Enormous wealth has been created through those 3 simple licensing steps that make up the money-making “Licensing Process.” 

The fact of the matter is that licensing is a simple, low-risk, and potent tool – once you’ve got a solid understanding of how it really works.

And it only takes ONE successful licensing deal
to prove to yourself that you can do it.

Because it’s not a question of “IF” licensing works. It’s already been proven. You just need to learn how to use it properly. This is why most people fail horribly at creating, managing, and profiting from their intellectual property.

If you’ve been trying to make money with your IP, don’t give up.  Most people don’t make money with their IP…and the most significant reasons are they give up or fail to take action. You could be a lot closer than you think to turning your IP into a money-making licensing deal.

You can experience the thrill of receiving royalties from licensing your intellectual property.

The only way to make sure you can experience that is to take action and “do deals.”  

And that means being willing to face rejection, a little embarrassment, and, yes, even failure. The willingness to fail is essential because no matter how good you become at putting together licensing deals, the way to get even more skilled at it is to make even more deals and the more money you’ll make. 

Like anything else, there is no shortcut to this. Doing licensing deals that put money into your bank account is a genuine skill that must be practiced and should be approached seriously, or you shouldn’t even bother to begin with.

If you’ve read this far, clearly you’re very serious about this. The ONLY thing you’re missing now is a solid understanding of the actual “Licensing Process.” a solid grounding of the right licensing skills to master, so you’re not doing the wrong things. You must hone your skills based on the correct fundamentals and knowing what basic mistakes to avoid so you can turn your IP into money-making licensing deals.

If you’re worried about any of the below, then this is for you…

  • Not knowing exactly what to say and what NOT to say when negotiating your licensing deals…
  • Struggling to make any royalty income from your software, product, brand, or technology…
  • Seeing countless licensing opportunities but not knowing what the entire licensing process looks like and not knowing exactly what to do when approaching potential partners, setting up deals, and actually making money from intellectual property.

By the way, if getting real-world licensing training on the above and more is important to you, then here’s just a tiny glimpse of the ‘inside secrets’ you can discover here:

  • How to commercialize an IP asset much faster than starting a new company…
  • How to grant rights to your IP without transferring ANY ownership
  • The majority of people don’t know that you can raise capital with intellectual property – you’ll be part of a tiny minority of people that even know this is possible and how
  • 10 critical factors to make sure you’ve covered before you file your patent
  • A 3-step formula to structure your royalty payments the right way from the start
  • The golden characteristics your licensing partners must have to keep your licensing deal from falling apart
  • How to negotiate like a licensing pro and make deals happen with ease
  • The 5 biggest myths surrounding royalty rates – debunked
  • How to put together “no-brainer” licensing deals and collect your first royalty payments
  • How to shorten the time it takes to find ideal licensing partners
  • Neat ways to get higher royalties for your intellectual property
  • How to get upfront payments from your deals…
  • And much more…

I’ve helped people get their first licensing checks, and I can help you do the same. I’m not like many of these supposed “professionals” who solely rely on their product or coaching sales but haven’t actually been doing any “real world deals” in the last few years. Or any at all for that fact.

My business is licensing, and my primary source of income is from my clients (you’ll learn more about that). I’m confident that you would rather learn from my actual real-life lessons and experiences doing licensing deals instead of learning from anyone who read some books about licensing and started training anyone who would listen.

I think you’ll agree that there’s a lack of valuable education and training on making money with intellectual property, and I’ve decided to do something about it that I’m confident you’ll be thrilled about.

So with that said, let me tell you a little about my experience in licensing intellectual property and how you can benefit from everything I’ve experienced and the training courses I’ve created.

A Career In Licensing...

I’ve been in the licensing business for over 30 years. I’ve licensed all types of intellectual property, including patented technologies in medical devices, consumer products and food production,  photographs and artwork, seminars & workshops, TV and theatrical entertainment, sports, and consumer brands. 

Hollywood Blockbuster Movies and TV Shows

My career included executive positions at Saban Entertainment and Warner Bros Consumer Products, where I licensed some of the biggest Hollywood blockbuster properties of their time, including the Batman and Batman II movies (which generated over $500 million in box office revenues) and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV Show (a worldwide licensing phenomenon that single-handedly grossed over $3 billion in worldwide retail merchandise sales), and two Power Rangers Movies (produced in conjunction with 20th Century Fox Film Corp.) both of which combined generated billions of dollars in worldwide merchandise sales across a variety of product categories including toys, apparel, food, and beverages.

Licensing and Promotional Deals with Fortune 1000 Companies

I’ve also developed licensing and promotional deals with Fortune 1000 companies, including Coca Cola, Kellogg’s, Quaker Oats, Hasbro, Mattel, Random House, Harper Collins, Pillsbury, Topps, Sara Lee/Hanes, Glaxo Smith Kline, Dow, and others.

All trademarks and logos above that are not representative of and/or owned by Rand Brenner / Licensing Consulting Group are registered by their respective owners. Rand Brenner / Licensing Consulting Group is not endorsed, sponsored, or affiliated with those mentioned above.

My Main Business is Licensing

As I mentioned before, my main business is licensing. Over 20 years ago, I founded the Licensing Consulting Group, intellectual property management and licensing company specializing in helping intellectual property owners, businesses and start-ups find, organize, manage, commercialize and make the most of their intellectual property assets.


That should be a clear indicator that everything you’ll learn is exactly everything I do with my most valued clients to get them to earn money from their intellectual property.

Here are just some of my intellectual property licensing assignments:

  • Licensing in rights to a new animation movie from one of the top movie studios for a candy company
  • Licensing out a patented toothbrush technology to top consumer products companies
  • Licensing out a patented cooking technology to Fortune 100 food companies,
  • Licensing in rights to major Hollywood movie franchises for location-based entertainment in China,
  • Licensing in rights for several clients to national brands, including professional and collegiate sports
  • Licensing out rights to a patented invention for international sales and distribution;
  • Licensed a sponsorship deal for a non-profit kid’s entertainment brand
  • And many more…

Nationally Recognized Speaker on Licensing

I’m a professional recognized speaker on the subject of intellectual property and licensing and been a featured speaker at investor conferences, entrepreneur organizations, inventors clubs, trade associations, start-up incubators, and educational institutions such as the San Diego Investment Conference, UC Irvine School of Business, MedTech Monday Conferences, Westlaw Legal Center (NYC), National Speakers Association, Orange County Business Expo Center, the ICFO Investment Conference, the Hong Kong FilmArt Expo, and more.

Published Articles on IP and Licensing in Trade Magazines

My articles on licensing intellectual property have appeared in Licensing JournalIntellectual Property Magazine, and License India:

Why am I Telling You This

The reason I’ve told you about my career experiences is so that you know you’re not wasting your time absorbing information from an unqualified, inexperienced, or incompetent “licensing expert.”

I’m sure you’ve encountered your fair share of licensing “experts” who claim to have all the answers to your questions.  But they don’t have a lick of real-world, battle-tested, and proven experience in making money and generating revenue by licensing intellectual property.

There’s so much junk information out there on licensing and making money from your intellectual property. If you’re going to learn from anyone, learn from a credible and reliable source with tons of experience in the trenches so you can shorten and avoid the costliest mistakes to make your licensing journey more valuable, profitable and enjoyable.

That’s why I created the website Licensing4Profits.com. To solve the problems of having no credible resources with the right information, give you the tools and resources you need to make money with intellectual property and deliver to you the best possible intellectual property and licensing education that you can’t get anywhere else. This will enhance your understanding and mastery of licensing intellectual property, and you’ll need it because…

Intellectual Property and Licensing Training Is “Almost Impossible” To Find

An informal study done by TangibleIP.com, revealed that of all the top business schools worldwide, most had no intellectual property management courses in their core full-time MBA programs. Only 3 Universities offered intellectual property electives, and those schools are Harvard, MIT, and Stanford.

That’s a clear indication that finding quality information on managing intellectual property is very hard to come by, even from the most elite Ivy League Schools in America.

Suppose you haven’t gone to an Ivy League School to learn about intellectual property as part of your education. In that case, you’re left with finding whatever information you can scratch out of Google. What you’ll probably find is that the information is very technical, theoretical, and legally oriented. None of it is focused on the business side of licensing intellectual property for income or revenue.

This is why US companies waste 1 Trillion dollars annually in underused intellectual property, according to a report by Forrester Research. The biggest reason for this waste is the lack of understanding by business owners and CEOs on identifying intellectual property lying dormant in their business and managing and making money with it once they’ve discovered it.  

This is also why people do things wrong and end up getting into bad deals or cannot make money with their intellectual property and can’t get anywhere with licensing their intellectual property.

But, like any other skill set, whether it’s accounting, marketing, creative design, or any number of professions – having the right training to form a solid foundation and getting educated on licensing intellectual property is critical.

After seeing the quality of the training products that some of these so-called “licensing experts” have produced and sell to better-deserving entrepreneurs, inventors, and creators like yourself, I decided to take it upon myself to start developing solid licensing education material.

The training here is designed to help you make actual progress towards your first licensing deals, or if you’ve already done a few licensing deals, to help you expand the size and magnitude of the licensing deals, you can do to reach your bigger business goals.

There are no schools or classes that teach what I have been doing for the past 30 years. I’ve learned how to do licensing the right way to make lots of money. And I’ve made all the mistakes that cost time, resources, and money doing it the wrong way.

My goal is to teach you how to use licensing to make money the right way.

Too many people have come to me with fundamental questions about licensing intellectual property. I’ve realized that too many of them have the wrong idea of what licensing really is. How it really works, what actual steps to take, when to license, when NOT to license (sometimes no deal is better than a bad deal), and the different types of licensing options available.

Here Are Some Results People Have Had…

Intellectual Property is amazing.  Licensing is the ticket, and Rand taught us how to work with it. I have a project that is bringing people together from all around the world,  like peers, and mingle cultures together and kids. I’m gonna bring some toys with this project, a TV show, a website... everything. I’ve been looking for something like this.  He masters his stuff like no one else; I swear to God, you got to listen to this guy, watch what he’s doing, and stick around. He’s gonna help you out, alright!


Hi, Rand,  Per our last coaching session, you told us if this event goes well, our brand will take off…well, its' been less than two weeks, and you were right… licensing opportunities are moving quickly. Over a month ago, we struck the first licensing deal in the events category (Halloween party).  As a result of that event, our first licensee is prepared to sign a multi-year renewal deal for future events. The partnering venue also believes our brand has tremendous growth potential and considers it the "Next Big Thing in Southern California Nightlife." We were also approached …by an influential entertainment promotions group about (licensing) our brand name for an entertainment-infused restaurant concept across the country…. We want to schedule a time for our next coaching session to speak about these details.

RJ & Ryan

Dear Rand, I promised to keep you updated, and I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. I cannot thank you enough because the coaching session we had a few months ago was very impactful, and it set me off in the right direction using the ideas and concepts from your study courses. I got a major entertainment management company in California interested and on board with my branded entertainment idea.


Hi, Rand, I hope all is well! I just got my first check in the mail! Thank you, Rand, for forgetting what I needed to ensure my contracts cover my best interest. I look forward to recommending your consulting to whomever I come across that is interested in licensing.


Are Your Ready for the Ultimate Licensing Training Program?

Introducing the Licensing Mastery Wealth Creation System –
Special Edition Ultimate Training Program

This is the most comprehensive training package I have ever offered.  You won’t find anything like this licensing training program anywhere. 

This invaluable training covers the gamut of licensing – from the basic how-to steps to the most advanced licensing strategies and tactics developed from decades of licensing deals.

Most of these training courses aren’t publicly available on my website.  They’re only offered exclusively to my subscribers individually. If you join my mailing list, it will take you a year or more to accumulate all these training courses. 

But that’s too long if you’re serious about making money with your IP.  So I decided to bundle them into the ultimate licensing training programThe Licensing Mastery Wealth Creation System Special Edition Training Program.

And to make sure you get the maximum value from this training program, I’ve also included a 4-week coaching plan to help you create an achievable blueprint for your licensing success. 

If you’ve read this far and feel this is for you, then read on, and I’ll tell you about what’s included in this ultimate licensing training program package. 

A Proven System for Making Money with Your Intellectual Property

Licensing is a proven process for making money with intellectual property.  But it’s also not well understood because, as I pointed out earlier, there aren’t any schools or universities that teach how to make money with IP.

That’s why this training course package includes my very best training programs. To teach you how to do licensing the right way. And give you the skills to transform your IP (or someone else’s) into wealth-creating licensing deals.

The licensing secrets I share in these training programs could make you significant money from royalty payments. You’ll gain the know-how and insight of 30 years of experience licensing all types of intellectual property.

It is the experience my clients pay me thousands of dollars to manage their licensing campaigns. But you won’t be paying anywhere near that amount.

I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the low special offer price I’ll share shortly.

Before I get to the highly discounted price, let me tell you what else you’ll receive when you accept this special offer.

You’ll find detailed information about each training course in the information below. I want you to know just how extensive each training program is and the value you’ll get from it.  I want you to make an informed decision about investing in this training program package.  

If you do, it will be one of the best investments because you will learn the licensing skills that will enable you to make money with any IP. More importantly, you’ll learn how to create wealth with IP for you,  your family, and your business today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Here's What's Included in the Licensing Mastery Special Edition Ultimate Training Program

 The Licensing Mastery Wealth Creation System

This is my flagship training program and the only one of this package that’s available publically. The foundational training program teaches you the licensing process from start to finish.

It doesn’t matter what type of IP you created – patent, trademark, copyright, or trade secret – you can transform it into ongoing revenue and royalty revenues.  The Licensing MasteryWealth Creation System is a breakthrough proven system that shows you how to turn your intellectual property into a revenue-generating asset.

  • Have you been afraid of doing licensing deals because they seem “too hard”?
  • Have you tried to set up licensing deals in the past – only to run into a wall of rejection, weak results, or flat-out failures, without nothing to show for it all these years?

If you have, then you are ready to learn the “real money-making secrets” of licensing.

Nowhere else will you find this eye-opening information – this information results from more than thirty years of experience and millions of dollars in IP licensing deals discovering and perfecting these methods and techniques.

I’ve created the Licensing Mastery Wealth Creation System for anyone – inventors, entrepreneurs, business owners, and start-ups – to learn how to unlock the value hidden in their intellectual property. In the Licensing Mastery Wealth Creation System, you’ll also discover:  

  • The 4 hottest intellectual property models that have been right under your nose
  • How to develop your “Fast Start Licensing Plan” to get you going in the right direction, right this week
  • The four types of “brains” you want to make sure to have on your side – or you’re taking a serious gamble by going it alone…
  • Never engage this particular type of company that offers to do this specific kind of service for you – or risk losing your hard-earned money and wasting valuable time (and how to do it yourself quickly and cheaply)…
  • How to rate the chances your licensing deals have of success – which low-chance ones to drop and which to really focus on…
  • A secret method of finding companies that are already familiar with licensing…

You’ll also learn…

  • 4 specific qualities that your partner MUST have. If they don’t have them, then the deal WILL flop every single time without fail (how to pick who to partner with… and who to avoid at all costs…)
  •  6 super-critical elements that MUST be included in your licensing presentation. Otherwise, you might as well throw your presentation in the garbage because if you miss even one of these, it won’t be worth presenting any licensing deals unless you include them…
  • How to overcome the fear of approaching and persuading prospective partners
  • How to confidently present your licensing deals so you immediately come across like you know what you’re talking about (because you actually will once you learn these research tips)
  • A complete outline of “The Licensing Process” that you can put to use right away
  • How to locate licensing partners who would love to hear of your deal…
  • How to get people to take you and your deal seriously, even if you’re just starting

And – you’re going to discover…

  • The most effective ways of initiating contact with potential licensing partners and effectively moving them along a process to seal the deal…
  • How to create compelling licensing negotiating points that no sane businessperson can refuse…
  • How to negotiate your deal so that everybody feels they win and drive the deal forward much sooner than you expect
  • The essential agreement clauses you must cover to lock-in your future wealth…
  • How to structure and negotiate your share of the deal the right way — what percentage royalty to expect, when and how to ask for upfront advances, and other compensation structures
  • How to avoid getting ripped off in any licensing deal and why I love to say “No deal is better than a bad deal” and how it’s absolutely true
  • The 11 biggest mistakes almost everybody makes, and how to avoid them…
  • How to develop an “IP mindset” that sees untapped IP opportunities that no one else ever notices

You’ll also get access to…

  • Insider tips and strategies to make your IP deal-making proposals at least twice as likely to be responded to with some interest…
  • The secret side of intellectual property where the real fortunes are made (*Hint – it starts with the letter “M”)…
  • A simple system for negotiating the terms of a “killer” IP licensing deal
  • Why getting this specific kind of professional involved in your idea too soon is sure to kill your deal and how to make sure that never happens
  • How to take advantage of any intellectual property opportunity, anytime, anywhere in the world…
  • How to know what your IP could be worth in royalties before you go into negotiations, so you never embarrass yourself by under or overselling its value…
  • The only time it’s better to manufacture your IP on your own
  • 7 specific ways to structure royalty payments and 4 sources to see the standard royalty rates for your industry
  • 3 simple but compelling ways to increase the value of your intellectual property…
  • A method so savvy to maximize your royalties at the negotiating table, the other party won’t believe you’ve never done this before.
  • And, a lot more…

“What Exactly Does Licensing Mastery Cover?”

Here’s What’s Included:

6 Licensing Mastery Training MP3’s (6 hrs)  

Part 1 – Getting Started On An Action Plan That’s Right For You (1 Hour)

Part 2 – How To Find Licensees And Negotiate The Terms Of Your Agreement (1 Hour)

Part 3 – Identifying Options, Opportunities, And Where Your Product Fits In (1 Hour)

Part 4 – The Power Of Research, Trade Shows, And Enthusiasm (1 Hour)

Part 5 – How To Build Value And Negotiate Royalties (1Hour)

Part 6 – Understanding The 3 Key Legal Documents Of The Licensing Process (1 Hour)

  • 90-Page Licensing Mastery Audio Transcribed PDF Version 
  • 69-Page Licensing Mastery Wealth Creation System Workbook PDF
  • The Licensing Document Library includes sample agreements

Licensing is one of the fastest and lucrative ways to create and control cash flow from intellectual properties. Whether it’s a patent, trademark, copyright, or knowhow, the key to successfully licensing an IP is understanding the process and taking the right steps. These modules are designed to start at any point in the licensing process; whether you are starting out, ready to begin the licensing process, or looking to negotiate a licensing deal, you can access these modules to assist you at any point in the licensing process.

To be successful in making money with your IP and creating enormous wealth, all you need is the RIGHT system to follow.  The Licensing Mastery Wealth Creation System will give you the system, processes, methods to successfully transform your intellectual property into money-making products and services.

Now Here are the Bonuses that Make this the Ultimate Licensing Training Program

Bonus 1

How to Use LinkedIn to Find & Contact Licensing Partners

Linkedin is one of the best sources of acquiring B2B customers. 

Since Linkedin is my primary prospecting tool for finding licensing partners, I created this training so you can learn how to use it to find your own licensing partners too.

In this training course you’ll learn:

  • Proof that LinkedIn is one of the best B2B customer acquisition tools available
  • How to use the Linkedin Industry and Company Search Tool to narrow down your results
  • Qualifying the companies you find to make sure they’re a good fit before you contact them.
  • A great shortcut Linkedin provides that helps you find similar companies that could fit your criteria.
  • How to find the right people to contact for licensing your IP at your target companies

Here’s what else you’ll learn:

  • How to use this research tool to find the right companies to contact. 
  • How to qualify contacts you find to make sure they are the right people to contact. 
  • How to craft the right type of email message that gets responses.
  • A case study example of how I used Linked to find licensing partners.  
  • Why you should never sell in LinkedIn groups and how to use them the right way. 
  • My personal method for staying on top of all my communications with potential licensees
  • The exact process I use to filter through executives on Linkedin to find decision-makers. 
  • How to easily reference your licensing opportunity when someone wants more information.

But that’s not all; you’ll also discover:

  • How to use Linkedin Groups to find even more qualified prospects
  • The key factors for sending effective intro emails on LinkedIn (plus an example intro email template)
  • How to keep track and follow up on the emails you send (plus a free tracking template)
  • A great case study of how licensing markets aren’t always what you expect them to be
  • Inside tips and strategies that help you increase the interest, you get from your activities

The last part is a Q&A session where you’ll hear answers to participants’ specific problems and what they need to do. Here are the questions that were covered on the call: 

  • How long does it take to contact a prospect?
  • How big should the companies be that I contact?
  • How do you find the hot buttons for these companies?
  • Who should I contact other than the R&D department, CEO, or marketing director?
  • Which companies are most likely to license your IP?
  • What is your response on Linkedin?
  • Do you have some templates I can take a look at?

Here’s What’s Included

Workshop video

Workshop slides


Tracking sheet template 

Bonus 2

Marketing Secrets of the Licensing Pros

Getting the word out about your licensing opportunity is the only way to get licensing partners. But it’s more than just sending one or two emails. It requires creating the right kind of information and using the right tools to contact and present your licensing opportunity.

About this Training Course

This workshop is divided into four half-hour sessions – each one will lead you through a wealth of marketing secrets, strategies, and tactics – from figuring out the best markets for your IP to creating a compelling licensing story, determining the best social media channels, and more to help you get the biggest return on your licensing efforts.

Session 1

Understanding Your IP, Value Drivers and Marketing

Your IP is ready to license. Now it’s time to market it. This session zeroes in on what information you must-have for a successful licensing campaign.

  • Tips for getting critical information to include in your IP summary

  • How to play up your IP strengths in your marketing efforts

  • How to choose your best market opportunities: Size, Competition, Value Proposition

  • Creating a marketing plan and budget that includes: web, social media, and more


Session 2

IP Marketing Writing Best Practices

This session gives clear, concise advice on creating a licensing summary and weaving that information into a multi-channel marketing campaign. The focus is on the writing — not the marketing mediums.

  • How to decide what information to use based on your target market or markets

  • Examples of using the information in different marketing channels

  • How to identify your target licensee audience and why the most obvious companies aren’t always your best prospects

  • How to uncover hidden companies that are right for your IP
  • How to craft your message based on that target group

  • How to create a licensing opportunity elevator pitch

  • How to glean marketing copy from market research materials

Session 3

Marketing by Channel

In this session, you’ll learn about most people’s big mistakes when trying to market their licensing opportunities. You’ll learn how to create a multi-channel marketing campaign.  And you’ll find out how how to use the lessons in session two to create an IP licensing story by marketing channel, including:

  • Available for Licensing Webpage
  • Introduction and Follow-up email campaigns
  • How to promote on social media
  • How to create a licensing sales video
  • How to create a licensing slide presentation
  • How to create non-confidential IP summaries

Session 4

Marketing Campaign Follow-up System

One of the most critical parts of your marketing efforts is managing your outbound campaign and connections with potential licensees. 

And this requires more than just one or two emails.

During session four, you’ll learn how to manage your connections and relationship with your target licensees:

  • How to set up a consistent communication process and how to manage it to get the highest response to your outbound campaign 

  • Why information pacing is critical to the success or failure of your outbound campaign, and how to organize and manage it.

  • You must have a tracking system to manage your outbound campaign and how to set it up.

  • You’ll also get sample templates you can use to manage your outbound licensing campaign.

Here’s what’s included in this workshop package:

Workshop Video and Audio

marketing secrets pdf transcription

Slide PDF and Audio Transcription

Tracking Templates

Bonus 3

Presentation Secrets of the Licensing Pros

Learn the inside tips, techniques, and formats for creating a winning licensing presentation.

About This Course

When it comes to licensing, how you say it is just as important as what you say.

A big part of success in licensing is the right type of presentation. Do it well, and your potential licensing partner wants to know more. Get it wrong, and they’ll walk away.

You’ll learn the best ways to create a presentation and how to avoid the mistakes that can sink your licensing efforts.

Here’s what’s covered during this workshop and coaching clinic:

  • The Difference Between a Deal Making and Deal Killing Presentation
  • What Types of Information Must be Included in the Presentation
  • Why You Should Never Ask for an NDA to See Your Presentation
  • Why Less is More in a Successful Presentation
  • The Top Presentation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  • How to Use Market Research to Support Your IP Value
  • Answers to Your Specific Licensing Questions

The licensing presentation is part of the negotiating process. It makes a case for why a company should license your IP. The secret is to make the presentation as compelling as possible to justify the time spent negotiating the IP license.

You’ll also get a copy of the workshop slides and an audio transcription text version, making it easy for you to quickly review every step of the presentation process.

Slide PDF and Audio Transcription

Your presentation aims to get a “yes, we’re interested in your IP” answer. This workshop will teach you the tips, strategies, and formats for creating the proper presentation for your licensing opportunity.

Bonus 4

Power Negotiating Techniques to Successfully License Your Products and Services

You don’t get the licensing deal you deserve, you get the licensing deal you negotiate.

This coaching clinic will arm you with the right information and insight to help your “negotiating prowess.”

You’ll have the know-how and confidence you need to overcome tricks, traps, and ploys – and get more favorable contract terms for your licensing deals.

During this coaching clinic, you’ll find out about the inside strategies to help you become a better negotiator.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

The four stages of the negotiating process and what you must do in each stage

  • How timing impacts your negotiating position
  • When negotiations really begin (it’s not when most people think) and when they end
  • What you must do before negotiating to ensure you’ll get the best terms

The specific steps that will help you to successfully negotiate your licensing deal

  • The number one most crucial negotiating point that’s critical to a successful licensing deal
  • The biggest mistake that reduces the value of your deal
  • A simple rule of thumb that will keep you out of negotiating hot water
  • What give and take means and how to make sure you don’t get taken

Plus you’ll learn:

Why money is the last thing to negotiate

The biggest mistakes when negotiating  the final contract  terms

Why rushing into an agreement can cost you more than the licensing deal

And more.


Here’s what’s included in this workshop package

Workshop video, audio, and presentation slides.

The package includes the workshop video, the audio files, and a copy of the presentation slides in PDF format.


Negotiating Checklist

A one-page checklist covering your licensing agreements’ 10 most important business terms. Fill it out before you start your negotiations and use it to guide you in negotiating these terms with your licensing partner.

10 Inside Negotiating Tactics for Successful Licensing Deals (PDF)

While there are many ways to negotiate licensing agreements, certain parts are critical to the success of an agreement. Learn about10 tactics to help you negotiate a successful licensing deal.

Special Fast Action Bonus

If you’ve made it this far, I know you’re interested in this ultimate licensing training program.

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4 One Hour Monthly Coaching Sessions

The training courses alone will teach you all you need to know about how to make money with your IP.  But I want to ensure you get what you need to succeed with your licensing goals. 

That’s why this bonus alone is worth the investment in this training program.

You’ll get one-on-one access to my professional expertise and experience for every step of your licensing activities. I’ll guide you on exactly what to do and how to do it. Together we will develop a realistic and achievable blueprint for licensing your IP.

During the one-hour coaching calls, we will go through the same steps and process I use for my consulting clients – from creating your licensing strategy to contacting target licensees to negotiating a deal. I provide the experience and know-how, and you provide the time and legwork to set up and manage the licensing campaign activities. I’ll be with you every step of the way to advise and guide you and make sure you on the right track.

Here’s a recap of everything included in the Licensing Mastery Special Edition Ultimate Training Program.

So How Much Is All This Going To Cost?

If you were to pay full retail for everything you would get in The Licensing Mastery Special Edition Ultimate Training Program you would have to pay $2,435.00.

It would still be a huge bargain at that price, considering that you’re getting over 30 years of my inside knowledge and experience from doing millions of dollars worth of licensing deals – wouldn’t it?  

Even at the price of $$2,435.00. This is still a steal of a deal because of these:

5 Reasons Why

$2,435 Is Peanuts For What You Get

(if you were to pay that, but you won’t…)

Reason #1 – Beat Mid-5-Figure Ivy League Costs

Remember that only three universities in the world offer MBA courses with intellectual property as electives?

I didn’t mention the steep costs of Ivy League education.

As it stands, here are the average tuition costs for an MBA from an Ivy League School:

  • Harvard Business School costs $61,225.00
  • MIT Sloan School of Management costs $65,750.00 and
  • Stanford Graduate School of Business costs $64,050.00

An investment of $2,400.00 in this training course on licensing intellectual property really is peanuts when you compare it to these tuition costs.

Not to mention that if you’re only interested in the intellectual property parts, you still have to pay for a bunch of other topics you don’t care about.

My training is all about licensing and intellectual property. If that’s all you’re interested in, that’s what you’ll get—nothing else.

I’ve been told nothing on the market comes close to the value I provide in my training. I want to ensure it’s as easy as possible for anyone to access this special training. I know that once you’ve seen how you can do it, you’ll be glad to have decided to get it.

Reason #2 – Avoid Super Costly Mistakes

If you could pay $2400 to save yourself from making one or more silly mistakes that could eventually cost you between $5000 to $15,000 in lost money and cause you headaches, sleepless nights, and frustration – would you?

I know people who have lost at least $20,000 to $50,000 or more from avoidable mistakes if they had the information or solutions that may have only cost them about $2400. That’s almost a no-brainer to save at least $18,000 if you’re at risk of losing $20,000 or more.

Reason #3 – Save Over 30% On My Half-Day Seminar

The 6-hour Licensing Mastery audio training program is the equivalent of a half-day Licensing Workshop, for which I charge $3500.

Getting the recordings for $2400 would save you over 30% of the cost of attending the seminar, not counting all the costs of traveling and accommodation.

You won’t be paying for any of that. Instead, you’ll get the equivalent of a 6-hour half-day licensing workshop that you can conveniently listen to in your car, on your phone, laptop, iPod, or mp3 player at any time. You can use that time constructively in a bus, train, car, airplane, or long line.

Reason #4: What are 3 Decades of Distilled Experience Worth You?

You could try to spend the 30+ years it took me to learn this business doing it on your own, going through all the trouble, bumping your head, making all the mistakes, and spending more time and money to recover from your mistakes.

Or, you could get a jump-start with a 3-decade plus knowledge advantage that will put you thousands of miles ahead before you’ve even started your journey.

Have you ever said to yourself, “I wish I could take everything I know now and go back to being 18 again (or whichever age you wish you could go back to)? I’d do some things smarter.”

Unfortunately, we can’t go back to the past and redo life. But what if you started your journey knowing the lessons, pitfalls, and wisdom of someone else’s experience? Someone who has been on a similar journey and is as close as you can get to taking the wisdom you have now, going back in time, and using it to your benefit.

You have to ask yourself – is paying $2400 worth it to me to get a 3-decade’s worth of experience as a head start?

You probably already know the answer to that, and the answer is, yes, it’s more than worth it!

Reason #5: Make Your Investment Back, Even If You Do It This Lazy Way

Licensing intellectual property is a trillion-dollar global industry; you could stake a claim to your little slice of the pie. If all you did was set a lazy goal to at least make your money back on your investment and get paid $2400 from a licensee by check or bank wire due to licensing intellectual property, wouldn’t you be glad?

You’ll have gained the knowledge, experience, and certainty that you could do it again and as many times as you would like on more significant and higher levels. At that point, you would be making real returns on your investment.

Don’t you think someone out there will be willing to license your intellectual property for just $2400? You may even get far more than that and make your money back a few times over.

Someone out there is willing to pay you for what you have. You need to find them and contact them. If you just contacted ten potential licensees every day for five days, you’ll have reached out to 50 people who wouldn’t have otherwise for one week’s worth of work.

By week 2, you’ll have contacted 100 people. The worst case scenario is, if just one person out of 100 people does a deal with you, you’ll have made your money back – easy. 2 weeks to contact 100 people, where one might turn into a deal, isn’t too bad.

But that assumes you don’t get any better or improve after every ten emails you send and analyze the feedback. So after every ten interactions, you could improve your odds to 1 out of 75, 1 out of 50, 1 out of 25, 1 out of 15, 1 out of 10, 1 out of 5, or 1 out of 1 once you get better and nail down a system for doing this. 

It’s incredibly affordable when you consider that licensing intellectual property is “one of the fastest ways to build a fortune, “… and what it can do to earn you extra licensing revenue is breathtaking. This proven strategy for making money with intellectual property can be powerful.

Why You’re Getting A Special Deal

The value of this entire package is $2435.00 But, I have decided to make it available at a rock-bottom discount for a limited amount of time.

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