Is Your IP “Licensable”

The key to making your IP “licensable” is building its value. The more valuable your intellectual property is, the more you’ll attract licensing partners, and the more likely you’ll succeed in turning your IP into income-producing licensing deals.

Your IP is valuable if it solves a specific problem, fills a significant need, or creates a new marketplace. The value of your IP goes up exponentially if it prevents competitors from competing against you.

You can learn more about this in the free Licensing 101 workshop. You’ll learn about the six critical parts of creating a licensable IP, which ones are the most important, and what to do if your IP is missing.

– Find out some of the quickest ways to build your IP value
– The number one thing you can do to make your IP very licensable
– Learn which value your IP must have and why a licensing partner will not buy your licensing rights without it
– Why protecting your IP alone does not create value
– The three value parts that prove your IP is licensable
– How to use other people’s IPs to add to your IP
– Why missing this one value part will make protecting it pointless
– How to identify which value parts are most important to a potential licensing partner

You’ll also learn the secret to spotting licensable IP that often goes unnoticed and untapped by most people. It lies in expanding your focus beyond strictly patents, trademarks, or copyrights, to the realm of know-how and trade secrets such as databases, business methods, and a host of other non-traditional forms of licensable IP.

Creating an IP doesn’t create its value  – it requires taking the correct type of actions to turn your IP into money-making products and services. It requires looking at your intellectual property differently and finding innovative applications that create value.

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Free Workshop: Licensing 101

A Beginners Guide to Making Money With Intellectual Property

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