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Turn your intellectual property into money-making licensing deals faster with the right licensing advice. Find licensing partners, create compelling presentations, negotiate bigger deals, get higher royalties, and build a sustainable licensing program.




“Hi Rand, Hope all is well! I just got my first check in the mail! Thank you Rand for helping me get what I needed to make sure my contracts cover my best interest. I look forward to recommending your consulting to whomever I come across that is interested in licensing. Best,” Lori

There’s virtually no limit to what you can do to make money with your IP. Even better, never waste valuable time and money searching for answers to your licensing questions, worrying about making mistakes, or trying to understand complicated licensing agreements…and forget about costly contract blunders, negotiating nightmares, shady licensing partners, losing control of your IP, not getting paid, poor advice, using the wrong strategy, failing to protect your IP rights, missing a big income opportunity, or winding up in a bad licensing deal.

”After our coaching session a few weeks ago, I was able to confidently discuss the potential licensing agreement with a new venture. This has led to a succession of meetings with the final meeting to take place in September 2016. It appears we will ink a deal by the end of September. It took 10 years, a lot of hard work, patience and your coaching has created my deal to get inked. It’s been a long time coming and I am grateful to have you in my corner. I want to add that your website is by far the most informative site I have been to. I highly recommend people sign up for your newsletter and use your website as a tool. There is a wealth of information to be utilized. I thank you for the confidence and look forward to the next one”Rebecca



Licensing Coaching is like having a full-time licensing division at your fingertips.  You’ll have my professional experience to guide you in developing money-making licensing deals with your intellectual property.  You won’t waste time trying to learn all the ins and outs of what works and what doesn’t -figuring out how to pitch your deal, decipher what the terms of a licensing agreement mean, wonder if the licensing proposal is a good deal for you – and the myriad of other issues that “pop-up” with your licensing deals.  You’ll get my knowhow and experience, along with the proven processes, templates, forms, agreements, presentations, and strategies to successfully turn your intellectual property into money-making licensing deals.

“Hi Rand,

 Per our last coaching session, you told us if this event goes well, our brand will take off…well its’ been less than two weeks and you were right… licensing opportunities are moving quickly. Over a month ago, we struck the first licensing deal in the events category (Halloween party). 

As a result of that event, our first licensee is prepared to sign a multi-year renewal deal for future events. The partnering venue also believes our brand has tremendous growth potential and considers it the “Next Big Thing in Southern California Nightlife”. 

We were also approached …by a major entertainment promotions group about (licensing) the our brand name for an entertainment infused restaurant concept across the country…. We would like to schedule a time for our next coaching session to speak about these details.

 All the best,”
Ryan & RJ

Focus on making money with your IP, not on trying to figure out the licensing jargon, complex legal terms, structuring royalty rates, exclusivity, and the myriad of other “technical” details of licensing.