The IP Licensing Coach

This webinar will show you why the IP Licensing Coach is the next big opportunity for professional coaches, consultants, and business advisors. You’ll discover how this new type of service professional will change the way business owners, entrepreneurs, and IP owners look at the world of intellectual property. Most important, you’ll find out how you can be a part of this exciting new opportunity for professional service providers.   

Here's What You'll Learn During the Webinar

  • Why Every Business is in the IP Business
  • Why IP is the Most Important Business Asset
  • Why The World Economy is Shifting to and IP Economy
  • Why Most Businesses Waste their IP
  • Why Qualified Licensing Professionals are Desperately Needed
  • What IP Licensing Coaches Do
  • Who is Best Qualified to be an IP Licensing Coach
  • The 5 Best Reasons to Become an IP Licensing Coaching
  • The Licensing Coach Training Program and Member Support