IP Licensing Coach

Training Course Schedule

Week 1:  Introduction to IP and Licensing

  • Review of the different types of IP including patents, trademarks, copyright, trade dress, and trade secrets
  • How to use the IP audit process to find and inventory IP assets
  • Risks and rewards, and selling vs. licensing,
  • The IP marketplace

Week 2:  Basics of the Licensing Process

  • Strategic planning and licensing program development, management, and execution
  • Understanding the different licensing strategy options
  • Steps in the licensing process, including building IP value,  and using licensing to start a new venture or expand an existing business, international licensing and relationship-building
  • IP valuation methods (e.g., Market, Financial, Cost) and their pros and cons

Week 3: Business Development and Licensing Sales

  • How to identify and find licensing opportunities for different types of intellectual properties
  • How to make money both from buying and selling IP rights
  • The best resources for finding potential licensing partners including LinkedIn, trade shows, online directories, and other resources
  • How to use due diligence to qualify licensing partners
  • How to create licensing introduction and follow-up emails, one-sheets, available for licensing web pages, social media banners, and other sales materials
  • How to create and present successful licensing  presentations

Week 4: Negotiating Deal Terms

  • Understanding the negotiating process
  • How to prepare
  • Negotiating tactics
  • Communicating with clients
  • Working with IP attorneys

Week 5: Licensing Agreements

  • Review of the different types of agreements used in the licensing process, including Non Disclosure (NDA), Deal Memos,  and Long Form Agreements (Patent, Trademark, and Copyright)
  • Structuring key business terms, including granting of rights, exclusivity, territories, sub-licensing, performance clauses, royalty payments and termination
  • Legal services related to the licensing program, including working with IP attorneys and drafting of license agreements with the client

Week 6: License Fees & Royalty Rates

  • Calculating royalty rates – formulas and rules of thumb
  • Different royalty rate structures and when to use them

Week 7: Managing Risks

  • Identifying and managing different types of risk, including confidentiality, infringement, liability, and unlicensed competition

Week 8: Compliance and Licensee Management

  • How to manage the ongoing relationships between the client and its licensees to maximize the success of the license business
  • How to set up a contract compliance system for financial reporting, quality control approvals, and performance benchmarks
  • Understanding royalty audits and when and how to conduct them

Week 9: Working as a Licensing Coach

  • Understanding the role of a licensing coach
  • How to decide your area of expertise (all types of IP vs. specific type)
  • Promoting your services and finding new clients
  • Contingent vs. retainer based compensation structures and how to get paid
  • Structuring the licensing coach agreement
  • Working with IP attorney’s and other client resources

Week 10:  Licensing Game

Put into practice what you’ve learned. You will work on a business case study that will include an IP audit and licensing strategy. You will present their analysis and recommendations, and a discussion will follow focusing on how and why you reached their recommendations. The session will close with a negotiating session giving you an opportunity to present and negotiate a licensing deal.

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