IP Licensing Coach Academy

Membership Benefits

Coaching Status Calls

Every month we’ll meet on a teleconference to discuss the issues & challenges, answer questions and help you with your clients. We’ll discuss your current projects, address any challenges, review your client situations, brainstorm about new opportunities, and help you maximize your clients IP assets.

Licensing Coach Forum

Peer based learning is an incredibly powerful way to develop as a coach. Connect with like-minded coaches to share stories, tips and resources. Develop a referral network of licensing deals around the world. Members of our community will receive a quarterly newsletter highlighting the latest trends, best practices and fresh resources, all with a focus on IP coaching and licensing

Licensing Coach Directory

You can begin promoting your new coaching practice through IP Licensing Coach Directory. Upload your personalized listing, including your photo and website, and fill your practice with the clients that are ready to work with you.

Licensing Deal Review

You’ll a second set of eyes look over your licensing deals. We’ll show you how to improve or enhance the terms of the licensing deal with just a quick review. A deal review can also spot potential problems with terms that are unfavorable to your client or could come back to haunt you down the road.

Licensing Coach Website Resources

You’ll get access to a library of special reports, blog articles, marketing information and other IP related content to use on your website. You’ll build instant credibility and create a library of resources for your clients.

Licensing Coach Deal Makers Event (Virtual)

The IP Licensing Coach Deal Makers Event is held twice a year, bringing together your fellow coaching members and special guests. You’ll have an opportunity to “think-tank” with other like-minded licensing coaches and IP professionals. You will be amazed how much in-depth information you’ll learn about the licensing business during this event.