Your business is operating in an economy based on intangibles – it includes knowledge and intangible assets in the form of intellectual property that you can’t see or touch. Every day your business is creating and using intellectual property. In fact, most of your profits are probably generated from your intangible assets.

But the management tools that worked in the tangible economy, don’t always work in the intangible economy. In fact, your tangible management tools are increasingly likely to fail as the markets continue to shift into an intangible economy.

Intangible assets do not contain the same characteristics as tangible assets. They don’t sit on factory floors, product showrooms, or, for the most part, balance sheets. Unlike hard/tangible assets, which depreciate over time, your IP assets appreciate over time as you put them to work in the marketplace. Their value increases as the products or services using your IP generate more revenue.

Profit is now a game of out-thinking your competitor and less about outproducing him. The old business management model designs a product and sells it to generate revenue from one or more distribution channels. The new licensing model uses its intellectual property to extract revenue from the entire market.

To manage your IP assets successfully, you must run with intangible management tools. You cannot focus only on the legal part of IP. Your management tools must include a range of activities that help to identify, secure, and license your IP assets to generate the most revenue from their value.

IP management and licensing are now just as important to your business as marketing, financial and legal management. Your business uses and generates IP that is an integral part of your competitive advantage. Your IP is an important asset and effectively managing it is essential to your business survival and growth.

The Best in IP Licensing Training


Whether you are from a Fortune 500 corporation, a growing business, an entrepreneur, or an intellectual property inventor, the IP Licensing Academy boot camp offers the very best in IP licensing training.

If you need a 360-degree total immersion in intellectual property licensing – or a deeper understanding of the IP development process, securing IP rights, licensing systems, and licensee/licensor accountability – you’ve come to the right website.  

Licensing is widely recognized as the most effective solution for using intellectual property and maximizing its value through multiple revenue streams simultaneously.

The IP Licensing Academy is at the forefront of licensing, training, and educating businesses and organizations in the best practices and management of licensing programs.

When it comes to planning and implementing your licensing campaign, understanding general licensing principles is not enough. Now you don’t have to lose control of your IP rights because of a lack of knowledge or experience. You can leverage the successes and failures of experienced licensing professionals in your favor!

The IP Licensing Academy offers a wide array of educational and training classes for start-ups, emerging businesses, and entrepreneurs. We offer timely, crucial information and training that helps you execute your licensing campaign process with seamless success, utilizing industry best practices that have stood the test of time.

Our Company Training Program Covers Every Part of the Licensing Process

Whether you are an entrepreneur, start-up, operating business, inventor, or corporate executive, if your goal is to use licensing to leverage the money-making opportunities of your IP, or to acquire IP rights to expand or increase your revenues, the IP Licensing Academy boot camp training program is right for you.

Our training program covers every part of a licensing process including:

  • Developing a licensing strategy that is right for your business
  • Identifying IP revenue opportunities for long-term success
  • Integrating licensing with your business goals
  • Choosing and managing licensing partners
  • Managing the internal licensing procedures
  • Structuring deal terms and licensing agreements
  • Minimizing risks and controlling your IP rights

When your business enrolls in our training program, you’ll be able to take advantage of our phone “consulting”. Comprehensive in scope, our phone consulting focuses on everyday real-world case studies from your experience and ours.  We’ll discuss and find solutions to every licensing challenge. All of the resources needed for each licensing discipline will be at your fingertips.  The courses provide the key decision parameters so that you make the best decisions in every situation, every time.

Licensing4Profits will instruct, prepare and guide you on how to start your licensing campaign with the real data and performance-based skills your organization needs success. We teach, explain and guide… but we also “DO”.

Whether it is training, analysis, or implementation, whether it is the entire licensing campaign process or one part, Licensing4Profits will train you on how to effectively develop, manage, and integrate your licensing activities into your day-to-day business operations and long-term business goals.

Empower Your Organization for Licensing Success

With the Licensing4Profits “street smarts” you’ll get from our training program, you’ll know what is in the best interests of every party involved, and you’ll make decisions that increase profitability and reduce time wasters.

Our goal is to equip your business with everything it needs to do it and manage it on your own with:

  • Knowledge to carry out the licensing process;
  • Financial savvy to maximize licensing revenues;
  • Street-smarts to avoid the pitfalls that lead to lost opportunities failed licensing deals, and significant financial losses.

TheIP Licensing  Academy boot camp training program empowers you for licensing success with the comprehensive insight and objectivity needed to make sure that your licensing strategies and methods are truly the best for your business, IP assets, and revenue goals.