The IP Licensing Academy Bootcamp

A Six Week Accelerated Licensing Training Course

Turn Your Business IP into Recurring Revenue

Learn how to put your IP to work making money for your business.  

Enrollment is limited to 10.

One Time Payment

10 Monthly Payments

Here's What's Covered During this Bootcamp:

  • How to Develop The Licensing Mindset and Why That’s Critical to  Licensing Success
  • How to Turn Your IP into a “Licensable” IP
  • How to Make Sure You Stay “In-Control” of Your IP
  • Getting Paid – The Difference Between Royalties and IP Value
  • Designing The Licensing Program That is Right for Your IP
  • Learn the Secrets to Reach the Right Type of Licensing Partners
  • Defining Your Licensing Strategy – Your Roadmap to Licensing Success
  • Negotiating “Deal Terms” vs. “Agreement Terms”  
  • How to Be a Successful Negotiator – Even if You Have No Experience
  • Identifying, Communicating, and Promoting Your IP Competitive Advantage
  • The Different Ways IP Makes Money and How to Leverage Them in Licensing Agreements
  • Your Strategic Licensing Action Plan – Doing The Right Thing At The Right Time
  • Learn How to Develop Systems that Produce Consistent Results
  • Advanced Licensing Strategies for Funding, Resources, Startups, and More