How to Use Licensing to Make Money Without Doing Anything


Have you ever heard of licensing as a way to generate passive income? Licensing is an incredibly lucrative form of business, and it’s becoming more popular among inventors, small business owners, and entrepreneurs.

It can generate money in two ways – by licensing your intellectual property (IP) to multiple licensees simultaneously and by collecting recurring revenue from those same licensees. This is also known as autopilot revenue, meaning you don’t have to do anything to get it, and it’s a big reason licensing is so attractive.

What Is Licensing?

Licensing is the legal right for someone to use or sell your product or invention. You grant this right to another person or company called the licensee. The licensee will pay you a royalty in exchange for this legal right. The royalties are usually percentage-based payments from the sales of the licensed product, but they can also be a fixed rate depending on the contract.

The Benefits of Licensing

The main benefits of licensing are that it allows you to make money with your IP without having to produce it yourself, and it can be done without many expenses. Additionally, if you license your invention or product in multiple countries, you can profit from multiple licensing partners from just one IP.

Furthermore, since royalties are paid out when the licensee sells something using your IP, there is no risk involved because royalties are only paid out when something sells! That means you don’t have to worry about financial losses due to not paying licensing fees, even if nothing sells. Lastly, if your license agreement includes ongoing royalties, then you will receive ongoing payments, which can create serious passive income streams over time.

How To License Your IP

To start licensing your IP, first, you must determine what type of intellectual property (IP) you must license. This includes patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets – all types of intellectual property rights that can generate income through licensing agreements with other businesses or individuals who want access to them for commercial purposes. Once you know what type of IP you have available for licensing, it’s time to find potential licensees interested in using them.

You should research potential licensees and email them explaining why they should license your IP – be sure to include details about what problem it solves, how it works, and why it’s a better solution! Finally, negotiate terms such as royalty rates and payment schedules before signing off on any agreements, so everyone is clear about expectations going forward into the relationship between the licensor/licensee.

Licensing is Lucrative

Licensing is an incredibly lucrative form of business that allows people or companies to make money with their IP without having to produce it themselves – plus, there are many other benefits, including generating recurrent revenues through licenses granted to multiple licensees at once! You can reap significant profits from your IP assets if done correctly with well-negotiated contracts between you and your licensing partners!

Learn How to Generate Recurring Revenue

IP licensing is a great way to create autopilot revenue, meaning you don’t have to do anything to get it. The key is finding the right licensee and setting up terms that will result in recurring payments. Sign up for our free newsletter and learn how to create auto-pilot revenue from your intellectual property. We’ll provide tips on finding the right licensee, negotiating deals, and more.

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