How To Do Licensing

How to Make Your Licensing Opportunity Irresistible

Turning your IP into money-making products and services is the goal of licensing. It’s a money-making process, not a legal process (although protecting your IP is legal). But it requires

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How to Increase Your Training Course Revenue Without Spending a Dime

At the height of the Great Depression, a small-town teacher wrote a book and started teaching training courses based on his book. He taught his classes at the YMCA, local

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If You Don’t Get the Word Out, How Will You Find a Licensing Partner?

During the 1930’s Great Depression, board games were a smart way to pass the time since most people didn’t have much money to spend on entertainment. During that time, Charles

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Your IP is More Than Just a Product or Technology

Most people generally think of intellectual property like patents, trademarks, and copyrights. But your IP is more than just a product, brand, book, or software. IP extends into many formats

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If You’re Too Hungry for a Deal, You Could Get Eaten Alive

The first deal that comes up isn’t always the best one. Especially if it’s the only one on the table. But if you’re too hungry for it, you’ll also lose

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How to Set Up Territories in a Licensing Agreement

When it comes to licensing, there are many ways to divide rights. One of the most common is the territory. Some IP, such as movies and TV shows, are more

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How to License Your Invention to DRTV Marketers

  Direct Response TV marketing companies are always looking to license new products. The range of products sold in the DRTV industry is broad: fitness equipment, housewares, beauty products, health

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Licensing is a Money-Making Process If You Follow the Right Steps

Licensing is a process that involves a way of doing things to turn your IP into money-making products, services, and technologies. At its most basic level, licensing involves proving your

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How to Make Your IP Look Like a Million Bucks

When it comes to licensing, how you say it is just as important as what you say. If you want to get a big licensing deal, your licensing presentation must

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