The Right Licensing Strategy Can Significantly Increase Your Money-Making Opportunities.





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A Quick “How-To” Guide on Money -Making Licensing Strategies

The creative use of your IP rights generates the greatest amount of income. The key is to control the cash flow generated from your IP rights.  Licensing is a flexible tool that is used in many ways. The challenge is making sure you use the right licensing strategy.

Use the wrong one, and your IP rights could wind up languish in a licensing deal that’s not leveraging your IP to its full income producing potential.



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During this e-course, you will learn 6 key licensing strategies, what they are and when and how to use these strategies to licensing your intellectual property:

1. General Approach – Licensing Big and Broad
2. Segment Specific – Get Rich Licensing the Niche
3. Brand Extension – Expanding Your Reach
4. Strategic Alliances – Collaborating for the Cash Flow
5. Joint Venture – Forming a Partnership for Resources
6. Sub licensing – Re-licensing through a Master Licensee

Whether you own an intellectual property, or are looking to acquire rights to and IP, these six strategies are the keys to controlling the money-making power of IP.