Unlimited Wealth: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Big Money Licensing Deals

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Price: $499

It covers so many areas and delivers such a practical, in-depth training on how licensing  works and the money-making opportunities , it’s almost impossible to list everything you’ll learn. 

Here's What You'll Find Inside Your Package...

  • How most people limit how they make money with IP and how to expand your money-making possibilities.
  • Why “build and sell” isn’t the only way to make money with IP.
  • How IP is fluid, scalable and applicable to a multitude of uses beyond what’s immediately obvious.
  • Why IP isn’t limited to tiny local markets but open to huge worldwide markets (real estate is limited to location – IP can be done with any company, anywhere around the world).
  • How IP goes from unknown to well-known.
  • The story of the Power Rangers’ origins and how that IP was re-adapted for the US market.
  • How risk-taking entrepreneurs became wealthy by taking a chance on licensing “unknown” IP  like “Power Rangers.”
  • How corporations use licensing to make and sell popular products you use every day
  • How George Lucas saw the value of the “Star Wars” merchandise rights that a major movie studio undervalued and the strategy he used to “recycle” the IP into a billion-dollar merchandise franchise.
  • How easily IP is licensed in the global ecosystem – contracts are the same; the terminology is the same; protections and laws are the same – how everyone working with IP operates in the same context.
  • How you’re limiting your imagination of licensing possibilities.
  • How to be creative with IP.

Free Video Sample #1

You don’t have to own IP to make money from it, you just have to control it…

  • The wealth iceberg and how tangible wealth only represents the tip of the iceberg
  • The two categories of wealth (tangible and intangible assets). How intangible wealth represents 80% of the wealth and produces the most wealth.
  • The Wealth IQ Quiz and how to identify intangible IP
  • Why IP like broadcast licenses, recipes, publications, real estate, and software isn’t enough – it’s what you do with it to generate wealth.
  • How to recognize and what to do with your IP.
  • 95% of all patents never generate a single cent of revenue, and why what you do with your IP is where the majority of the economic value is produced.
  • Why its false to believe that once you create a patent, trademark, or copyright, it automatically has immense value
  •  Licensing is about how to take intangibles and turn them into money.
  • The Wealth Creation shift – how the world’s biggest companies have changed from physical assets (equipment, factories) to intangible assets (software, brands), and the biggest driver of this change will only continue to grow (innovation).
  •  Ownership vs. Control – why you don’t have to own IP to profit from it, you need to know what to do with the rights you control.
  • Why the inventors who own IP that doesn’t make any money, don’t know what to do with it.
  • How the invention promotion companies rip off inventors who don’t understand the licensing process.
  •  How to get a piece of the action that huge dominant companies make with IP if you know how to do it – if you know the questions to ask, where to go, what to say – to uncover the opportunities.
  • Why licensing is a great way to borrow resources for your business.
  • Why focusing on the money and resources you don’t have (no money, can’t hire new employees, can’t develop the latest product, enter the new market, can’t expand distribution) limits your options to make money with your IP.
  • How to recognize companies whose resources you can leverage match the resources you don’t have but need.
  • A car insurance case study – How an auto insurance company could leverage their IP to grow more leads.
  • How a small business licensed its app to auto insurance companies and saw its sales explode.
  • Small businesses lose money with their IP because they are too focused on building and running their business. 
  • How knowing what you have helps you go out and get what you don’t have.
  •  How to leverage your licensing partners to find and create new revenue opportunities with your IP.
  • A case study of how a toy company leveraged their licensor’s retail development division to access opportunities they couldn’t have developed independently.
  • The million-dollar advertising commitments retailers expect from licensees to promote their product and a licensing spin that makes that irrelevant if your license is from the right kind of company.

Only $149 (70% Off)

Free Video Sample #2

Do you dream about getting an offer for a large buyout for your IP or your company? 

Licensing is a little-known strategy that can put you on course to that event…

  • The reverse brain drain and how other countries are starting to develop, protect, and license their IP. 
  • The difference between registered and unregistered IP (trade secrets, know-how), and what you must do to protect them. 
  • If you don’t use your IP, you could lose it (patent trolls) and why using your IP is the best way to make the most of it.
  •  Amazon’s one-click patented ordering process gave them a huge advantage that other companies paid to use.
  • Fact: IP assets don’t depreciate in comparison to tangible assets. They appreciate the more you do with them. 
  • IP assets are real property, which means they can be sold, bought, gifted, rented, passed under a will, and assigned.
  • The different ways IP can be used to make it more valuable than it is now.
  • How to use “the two-way street” of licensing to increase your money-making opportunities.
  • How to license niche markets to expand your business without increasing overhead costs.
  • How licensing lets you grow a bigger revenue pie. 
  • Why getting 10% of a bigger market pie through licensing is worth 10X more than keeping 100% of a smaller direct selling market pie.
  • Why raise and spend all the money on your own to build and market your brand when you can go out and borrow outstanding, well-known, highly recognized brands and apply them to your product and service? 
  • Why spend the money to R&D new products when there’s plenty of excellent products out there that can fit your manufacturing, distribution, and marketing system – why not license those? 
  • Why licensing your IP can lead to an exit for your company.
  • A clear example of how to raise financing for your business using licensing agreements.
  • How to get the full value of a licensing agreement upfront (if you’re a licensor, you’ll love this).
  • The pros and cons of online marketplaces where you can buy or sell IP.
  • “Broken brands” and how companies buy them up to re-license them for a particular type of underlying value.
  • A secret negotiating strategy to buy time and test an IP on the market before legally binding yourself to an agreement.
  • How Andy Warhol built a fortune as an artist by leveraging other people’s artistic IP (his estate was valued at +$500 Million).

Free Video Sample #3

How bundling IP can result in unique product or service combinations
that are positioned to earn large royalties…

Only $149 (70% Off)

  • The relationship between a specific chapter in Napoleon Hill’s “Think & Grow Rich” and a unique way to think about what intellectual property is.
  • Seeing an intangible IP opportunity and turning it into something that makes money is a highly-guarded form of modern-day alchemy.
  • Why you don’t need to own intellectual property, and how to build on other people’s intellectual property to create your unique combination.
  • Why licensing is the oil that greases the wheels of entertainment mega-business deals that power executives deliberately avoid publicly acknowledging.
  • The different kinds of licensing variations in various business activities.
  • How to uncover market value royalty rates of IP to give you an idea of comparable royalty rates you could negotiate for your IP.
  • Coaching Case study on what to license and how to make it work.
  • The most significant difference between franchising and licensing and a clear example of distinguishing between the two.
  • The three legs of franchises and how to license certain pieces of your IP to enjoy the benefits of licensing like a franchise without the regulatory risks.
  • How shifting your business model to licensing can multiply your income and help you escape the time for money trade. 
  • A broad overview of the six strategies to create lucrative licensing deals for your intellectual property
  • A skillful negotiation tactic that limits derivatives to your IP so you can control your IP and license strategically.
  • How to use quality control in your licensing deals to avoid eroding your IP’s value eroding in the marketplace.

Only $149 (70% Off)

Free Video Sample #4

Why you’ll miss opportunity after opportunity if you don’t use this principle and give up on your IP…

  • Why getting non-exclusive licenses can be more to your benefit than exclusive rights.
  • How to negotiate royalty payments and examples of different royalty rate structures.
  •  The different variables that affect what royalty percentage you can get.
  • Why you should never fixate on getting a certain royalty percentage in your negotiations once you understand this: “What would you rather have, 100% of $1 million or 1% of $100 million?”.
  • Why licensing IP generates residual income versus active income, you get up every day to work for.
  • How you can make money buying or controlling other people’s IP to take advantage of the licensing opportunities they don’t see.
  • How to keep control of your IP rights in licensing agreements when new distribution channels open up that weren’t foreseen.
  • An overview of the six ways to add value to your IP to make it more licensable.
  • Basic negotiation strategies, you know how to spot so you recognize how and when negotiation partners start to position themselves.
  • How to “read” the negotiation landscape as events unfold.
  • How to sidestep specific questions negotiators ask, so you don’t give away crucial negotiation information too early and lose leverage.
  • Information products and the different ways to license them.
  • Why getting your IP valued before selling it is critical.

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Bonus #1

e-Book –  ($29 Value)

Secrets of the Licensing Pros

We’ve developed this comprehensive guide that includes everything from uncovering licensing opportunities to negotiating deals to building IP value over time. You’ll learn about crucial licensing terms, developing a licensing cycle for your intellectual property, and maximizing its life span.

With Secrets of the Licensing Pros, you’ll have all the tools necessary for navigating the complicated world of licensing when needed. Our helpful and friendly style will offer clear explanations that make understanding licensing easier than ever.

Bonus 2

Webinar – How to Maximize Royalty Rates ($79 Value)


This webinar provides an inside look at the negotiation tactics that are necessary for achieving greater returns from your Intellectual Property. It will open up a world of knowledge about royalty rate payments- what they mean, how to structure them, and even some common mistakes that people make so that you can avoid them.

From learning how to develop a deep understanding of the worth of your IP to uncovering crucial negotiating steps, this webinar will set you up for success. It focuses on topics such as Ip Value; Finding the Right Royalty Rate; Myths and Mistakes; The 3 Step Negotiating ProcPss; and Structuring Royalty Rates to Maximize Cash Flow.

The Licensing Compass Mini-Coaching Session

 ($175 Value)

Even with all the information, you need an objective expert to talk to about your situation. Whether validating or invalidating any assumptions you’ve made or clarifying your expectations, this 30-minute one-on-one coaching session will help you get an expert opinion on where you are and what you need to do.

If you’re stuck or unsure about any step in the process or need any questions answered, this is your chance to get those insights from a professional with over 30 years of experience.  

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Once this deal is over, this special page disappears and simply won’t be seen again for at least another year.  But, I’d like to make sure you at least get the chance to get this while it’s available since it may never come back.

You can instantly download the entire package right now at the special discount and immediately own this training.

In addition, you are totally covered by my 30-Day Totally Risk-Free 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Just one insight could mean the difference between a successful licensing deal and avoiding a licensing disaster.

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