This strategy enabled these companies to grow quickly, from risky startups to successful global companies.

And this one strategy can make the difference in your startup’s success or failure in today’s global marketplace.

The startup landscape is more competitive than ever, with no signs of getting easier. Given the high failure rate of new startups, you face massive challenges before you’ve even begun.

The risks are incredibly high, with a lot at stake. Many startups venture into the marketplace, but very few succeed.

But what if there was a shortcut? A way to reduce the most significant risk factors that kill most startups and accelerate your likelihood of succeeding in the marketplace.

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The Startup Licensing Accelerator

This training course bundle includes 3 video courses packed with the licensing strategies and secrets to help you succeed and take your startup to the next level.

Take a look at what at what’s inside:

Licensing – The Startup Game Changer

  • 5 Key Startup Licensing Benefits
  • How Licensing Launched the World’s Biggest Software Company
  • 2 Core Startup Licensing Strategies
  • How a Fledging Tech Startup Used Licensing to Build a Global Tech Company
  • The Licensing Process and How to Use It
  • The Difference Between Licensing and Selling
  • Why Most Startups Don’t Understand What Licensing Really Is
  • 4 Market Factors that Make Licensing a Critical Strategy for Your Startup
  • 5 Secret Ways Licensing is a Startup Game Changer

Fast Start Funding – How to Use Licensing to Fund Your Startup

  • Why Everything in Your Startup is IP (and How to Identify it)
  • 8 Ways Startups Can Use Licensing
  • How to Tell if Your Startup Business Model is a “High Investment Risk”
  • IP Rights vs. Products/Services and Where the Real Value Lies
  • How Shifting to a Licensing Strategy Reduces Investment Risk
  • Two Ways to Use IP as a Funding Tool
  • How IP and Licensing Increases Your Startup Value
  • Why IP and Licensing Attracts More VC Funding
  • 5 IP Financing Strategies and How to Use Them
  • The Most Important Requirement for IP Funding
  • Why Licensing Your IP Makes Your Startup a More Attactive Investment
  • 3 Key Steps to IP Funding

7 Licensing Strategies for Startup Success

  • The Two Main Startup Business Model Options
  • 4 Factors that Make Your Startup IP Licensable
  • How to Determine the Right Time to Start Licensing
  • How to Get More Resources without Adding Expenses
  • 3 Ways to Unlock Hidden IP Revenue Through Licensing
  • How to Stand Out from the Competition without Breaking the Bank
  • How to Increase Your Marketing Without Spending a Dime
  • How to Use Licensing to Send Your Startup from Zero to Hero
  • How to Increase Your Startup Value at No Cost
  • How to Turn Your Startup into a “Money Magnet”

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Bonus 1

The Licensing Toolkit for Startups (PDF Book- $79 Value)

Inside the Licensing Toolkit are the core tools you need to organize, manage and use your IP assets. These tools will help you quickly learn how to manage and leverage your IP to find new revenue opportunities, increase your start-up value, and make your start-up more attractive for investor funding.

Bonus 2

University IP – The Billion Dollar Startup Secret (Audio Training Course – $99 Value)

Did you know there is an untapped billion-dollar opportunity for startup companies? It’s called University Intellectual Property, and many of the largest and most successful products and companies today were created on technologies licensed from Universities. Learn how to tap billions of dollars in market-ready IP to launch, expand and accelerate your startup business.

Bonus 3

One H0ur Licensing Coaching Session – ($350 Value)*

Whether you’re just getting started or looking to take your startup to the next level, we will work together to figure out the best licensing strategy for your IP and startup.

*See the terms and conditions of the coaching session.

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