Is Your Royalty Rate Costing You Money?

How to Determine the Right Royalty Rate For Your Licensing Deal

Take Control of Your Royalty Rates and Transform Your Licensing Strategy

About This Course

Are you eager to maximize the profit potential of your intellectual property? Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and creative professionals—this is your chance to ensure that every licensing deal you enter is built on a foundation of savvy financial strategy.

At Licensing4Profits, I discern the complexity behind intellectual property transactions. Each licensing deal presents a kaleidoscope of variables that can significantly impact your revenue. That’s why I crafted my newest Special Offer Bundle on Royalty Rate Determination, a comprehensive workshop tailored to elevate your negotiation prowess and financial return on your licensing deals.

What Makes This Special Offer Bundle Invaluable?

Understand intricate royalty structures, including profit or revenue-based, cost-based, and fixed-fee royalties.

Gain insight into the strengths and weaknesses of different royalty formulas relative to your unique IP and business landscape.

Acquire knowledge and strategies typically valued at $179, available to you—our esteemed newsletter subscriber—at a 50% discount.

This Download Includes the Complete Training Course and Bonuses

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This Special Offer Deal Also Includes These Exclusive Bonuses That You Can Access Immediately After Downloading

Bonus Resources to Cement Your Advantage

In addition to the workshop, we’ve bundled three exclusive bonuses—each designed to equip you with a nuanced understanding and strategic edge:

Ebook ($49 Value):

“Insiders Guide to Licensing Royalty Rates”

A compendium that demystifies royalty rate structures, offering you the blueprint to make informed decisions that reflect the true value of your intellectual property.


Video Workshop ($79 Value):

“How to Maximize Royalty Rates”

 Explore the art of negotiation and learn how to architect royalty rate payments that harness the lucrative potential of your licensing agreements.

Mini Coaching Session ($175 Value):

Personalized Consultation

A tailored 30-minute session to dissect your unique scenario and forge a royalty rate formula that aligns seamlessly with your business goals.

This Exclusive Offer Awaits You

The path to a rewarding licensing deal is laden with intricate choices. Steer your decisions with confidence facilitated by our Special Offer Bundle. Your access to industry insights is a click away. But don’t wait—the runes of time are shifting, and this offer is ephemeral.

Act Now and Secure Your Licensing Success

Convert your knowledge into power, and your intellectual property into profit. Your ambitions paired with our expertise form an unbeatable alliance. Empower your business today.

When you order this special offer deal, you’ll get immediate access to the complete royalty rate training course and all the bonuses. Learn at your pace. Focus on the right royalty formula for your deal. Feel confident with the insights and strategies to maximize the revenue of your licensing deals. 

Remember, in the world of licensing, knowledge is revenue. Don’t relinquish the chance to capitalize on this once-off investment in your future prosperity.

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Rand Brenner