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Are You Putting the Cart Before the Horse?

3 Key Licensing Documents and How to Use Them

Licensing documents are essential to the process. Use them correctly, and your deal moves along. Jump the gun, and it can run into a brick wall.

About This Course

Empower your licensing venture with the vital knowledge to handle licensing documents correctly. Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and startups take the reins of your legal strategy and ensure your innovation is protected and your dealings are secure.

Our new subscriber-only exclusive workshop on 3 Key Licensing Documents and How to Use Them is the special deal opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

During this video workshop, you will learn how to master the critical tools for successfully managing your licensing document process.


What You’ll Gain:

In-Depth Understanding: Acquire comprehensive, professional guidance on utilizing the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), Deal Memo, and Licensing Agreement.

Practical Insight: Distinguish between the right and the wrong way of handling these documents as part of the crucial licensing process.

Exclusive Bonuses: Get access to an additional workshop highlighting the monetary and legal sides of licensing, an eBook on key licensing terms, and a personalized 30-minute licensing coaching session.

Well Managed Licensing Documents Creates a Profitable Partnership

Statistics show that a well-negotiated license can be a substantial revenue source, and properly managed license agreements are critical to safeguarding intellectual property. Don’t leave this to chance.

This specialized training is not merely an informational session but a transformational experience designed to ensure you are well-equipped to tackle the legal document aspects of your business.


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Bonus Resources 

In addition to the workshop, we’ve bundled three exclusive bonuses—each designed to equip you with a nuanced understanding and strategic edge:

Money vs. Legal Side Video Workshop ($79 Value)

Learn the difference between the money and legal side of licensing. Find out how to navigate the money side of licensing with ease.”Insiders Guide to Licensing Royalty Rates”

EBook ($29 Value)

Key Licensing Terms:

Enhance your knowledge with 8 essential terms every license agreement must include. terminology.

Mini Coaching Session ($175 Value):

Personalized Consultation

Receive tailored advice about your licensing deal and what you need to make sure your licensing documents are read to further your licensing objectives.

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