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 Professional Know-How Licensing System

Licensing Mastery Wealth Creation System

Introducing the Professional Knowhow Licensing System – the perfect tool to help you take advantage of the power of your proprietary business method, system, or process. You can make money licensing it to others – and this system can show you how!

 Learn how to turn your professional business knowhow into a licensable intellectual property and let others pay you royalties to use it.

Anytime you solve a problem, others likely face the same problem. If so, you’ve created valuable know-how IP that others would want to license. Learn how to turn your professional business methods and know-how into a licensable intellectual property and let others pay you royalties to use it.

Whether consulting, manufacturing, sales, advertising, or marketing systems, if you created a proprietary business method, system, or process, you can make money licensing it to others.

You’ll also get advice on delivery methods for maximum efficiency. With our guidance, you’ll learn how to determine the correct type of royalty rate – fixed fees, annual renewal fees, or a combination of both; you’ll learn how to settle on a structure that works for everyone involved. Finally, you’ll learn how to conduct a financial analysis for accurate projections of current and future operating expenses.

Get ready to be rewarded for your efforts – start using the Knowhow Licensing Accelerator System today! Enjoy fast and reliable advice and everything else you need to monetize your professional know-how – now and in the future.

As the world moves into an Intangible Based Economy, it’s more important than ever to understand how to leverage your know-how and turn it into a valuable asset.

In Part 1, you will learn what you should know about IP, how your knowledge is valuable, and secrets to converting its hidden wealth by transforming it into licensable intangible assets.

We’ll help you identify your IP assets, show you the types of solutions available, such as relationship bundling, and provide a 3-step process, including productizing your knowhow IP from which you can earn more revenue.

In Part 2, you’ll discover four options to start maximizing the value of your expertise IP and four top reasons why now is the ideal time to consider licensing.

Learn how licensing works and how to use it effectively. Learn about licensing workshops and seminars, info products, professional training and education, books, articles, and more. Then get marketing guidelines aimed at creating a successful licensing opportunity profile so that you’re sure to attract the right people to maximize your growth potential.

With the Professional Knowhow Licensing System, you’ll receive all the information needed to market yourself confidently. Gain an understanding of what specific types of expertise IP can be licensed and explore two areas in which marketing must occur. Get real-life examples of existing successful marketing opportunities that will give you an edge when creating yours.

Part 3 of this comprehensive training program covers everything you need to know about managing a successful licensing partnership. From identifying the right kind of licensee to secrets to selling the license, this kit is jam-packed with all the information you need for crafting a profitable licensing venture.

The training course includes an introduction letter that showcases your Intellectual Property (IP) opportunity and a non-disclosure agreement that ensures you’re protecting yourself and your potential licensee against any necessary disclosure of confidential information between parties.

The Knowhow Licensing Agreement details usage rights, rights upon termination, and warranties while also covering restrictions on how the licensee can use your licensed intellectual material.

Also included is the  Licensing Financial Analysis Template –  to help project planning over multiple years so you can better understand potential costs associated with fees and royalties for each sale or transaction.

Here’s what’s included in the Professional Know-How Licensing System:

  • Audio course transcription for easy reference to follow the audio presentation.
  • The Audio Presentation Reference Notes PDf includes a Licensing Opportunity Profile template and potential revenue model worksheet example.
  • MP3 files with a 2 1/2 hour audio workshop that will teach you the inside strategies, techniques, and tools to license your business methods and know-how successfully.
  • Sample Agreement PDF Book includes examples of all agreements, including the NDA, Short Form, and Long Form licensing agreements.
Licensing Mastery Wealth Creation System

You’ll also get these bonuses worth over $500 with this special offer package.

Bonus 1 – $79 Value

Are you looking to get the most out of your intellectual property? Do you need help finding, identifying, and organizing your IP assets? Look no further! The IP Inventory: How to Find, Identify and Organize Your IP Assets is here to help.

You know that intellectual property is like buried treasure, a rich deposit of wealth hidden in plain sight – but the trick is to find and identify it.

That’s where this e-course comes in. With our friendly and easy-to-follow guidance, you can learn exactly how to find every nook and cranny of your intellectual property.

Bonus 2 – $99 Value

How to License Information Products

Are you ready to take your information product to the next level? With “How to License Information Products,” you’ll be able to realize immense opportunities for success. This illuminating training course will show you how to transform your info product into an “info IP” (Intellectual Property) and license it to increase revenue without selling a single copy.

In this comprehensive course, you’ll learn about the critical differences between an information product and an info IP, the best strategies for licensing, the many ways that licensing can double or triple your customer base and income — plus more! You’ll also pick up insider tips on finding information products to license, leveraging your IP into multiple revenue streams, and maximizing your profits with smart licensing tactics.

Stop leaving money on the table! Get “How to License Information Products” now and unlock the potential of remarkable financial success.

Bonus 3 – $79 Value

The Licensing Toolkit for Professional Knowhow Providers

This toolkit includes the same worksheets and procedures I use with my clients in managing and making money with their IP.  It streamlines the process and gets your licensing program as quickly as possible.

There’s a lot of junk information out there on licensing and making money from your professional knowhow. Learn from a credible and reliable source with tons of experience in the trenches. You’ll shorten the time, avoid the costliest mistakes, and make your licensing journey more valuable, profitable, and enjoyable.

It includes all the key steps and core tools you need to prepare, plan, present, and negotiate licensing deals for your knowhow IP. Each tool builds upon the next in an easy-to-follow sequence of steps and worksheets. Once completed, you’ll have everything you need to take action and create money-making licensing deals with your knowhow IP.

Inside this toolkit are the how-to templates and worksheets for developing, launching, and managing your licensing campaign:

  1. Preparation – IP Inventory and Protection Analysis
  2. Plan – The Licensing Strategy and Plan
  3. Presentation – The Licensing One Sheet
  4. Marketing – Licensing Partner Qualification Questionaire
  5. Negotiations – The Negotiating Checklist
  6. Agreement – Licensing Agreement Types and Key Terms

Bonus 4 – $350 Value

One-Hour Coaching Session

Even with all the information, you need to talk to an objective expert about your situation. This 60-minute one-on-one telephone or video coaching session will help you get an expert opinion on where you are and what you need to do.

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To your massive success,

Rand Brenner

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