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Power Negotiating Techniques to Successfully License Your Products and Services

You don’t get the licensing deal you deserve, you get the licensing deal you negotiate.

This coaching clinic will arm you with the right information and insight to help your “negotiating prowess.”

You’ll have the know-how and confidence you need to overcome tricks, traps, and ploys – and get more favorable contract terms for your licensing deals.

During this coaching clinic, you’ll find out about the inside strategies to help you become a better negotiator.

Price: $139

Here’s a brief summary of what you’ll learn:

  • The four stages of the negotiating process and what you must do in each stage
  • How timing impacts your negotiating position
  • When negotiations really begin (it’s not when most people think) and when they end
  • What you must do before negotiating to ensure you’ll get the best terms
  • The number one most crucial negotiating point that’s critical to a successful licensing deal
  • The biggest mistake that reduces the value of your deal
  • A simple rule of thumb that will keep you out of negotiating hot water
  • What give and take means and how to make sure you don’t get taken

50% Off for 72 Hours Only

Price: $139

On Top of Your 50% Discount ,
You Also Get These 3 Bonuses Worth over $200

Bonus 1 – ($19 Value) 

Negotiating Checklist

A one-page checklist covering your licensing agreements’ 10 most important business terms. Fill it out before you start your negotiations and use it to guide you in negotiating these terms with your licensing partner.

Bonus 2 – ($29 Value)

10 Inside Negotiating Tactics for Successful Licensing Deals (PDF)

You don’t get the licensing deal you deserve, you get the licensing deal you negotiate. Negotiating the licensing deal is where the rubber meets the road. Do it right, and it creates a profitable partnership. Do it wrong, and it creates a legal nightmare. While there are many ways to negotiate licensing agreements, certain parts are critical to the success of an agreement. Learn about10 tactics to help you negotiate a successful licensing deal.

Bonus 3 – ($175 Value)

The Licensing Compass Mini-Coaching Session

Even with all the information, you need an objective expert to talk to about your specific situation. Whether it’s validating or invalidating any assumptions you’ve made or clarifying your expectations, this 30-minute one-on-one telephone coaching session will help you get an expert opinion on where you are and what you need to do.

If you’re stuck or unsure about any step in the process or need any questions answered, this is your chance to get those insights from a professional with over 30 years of experience.  

Price: $139


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Just one insight could mean the difference between a successful licensing deal and avoiding a licensing disaster.

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