Licensing Is Not Just a Legal Process

Once You’ve Protected Your IP,
Your Immediate Next Step Is
Licensing It For Income…

Most people generally think of licensing as protecting their IP – patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

But, it is a massive loss of time and potential to focus only on protecting your intellectual property.

The essential thing in any and every business is – generating revenue! Without income, without revenue, you don’t have a business.

If you’ve already established sufficient protection of your IP and are still focusing on more layers of legal protection activities with your IP – you’re focusing on the wrong side.

Why? Because once you’ve got sufficient protection for your IP, the next immediate steps are the money side of licensing. These steps bring you closer to recovering all the time, money, blood, sweat, and tears you’ve invested in your IP.

Why wait any longer to start licensing and earning revenue from your intellectual property than you have to?

Cash flow is the name of the game in any business. The sooner you can reach cash flow, the better for your business and the better for YOU.

At the licensing stage, it’s time to make money.

A licensing deal is merely giving someone permission to use your intellectual property (product, service, technology, or brand) in exchange for compensation, which generates income for you. Below is a birds-eye view of the process.

The Condensed Licensing Process

Step One – Securing Intellectual Property Rights

You do this by creating and registering it as a trademark, patent, or copyright to ensure it’s protected.

Step Two – Finding the Right Partners to License

The real power of licensing is harnessed by connecting with the people who have the expertise and resources to make, market, and sell the products, services, and technologies created from the intellectual property.

Step Three – Licensing Rights Through Agreements and Get Paid

The last part of this money-making system is licensing the intellectual properties’ rights to partners you’ve found. You do this with a licensing agreement between you (the IP owner) and the licensee (the company or business that is getting the rights to use the intellectual property). It is through these agreements that the terms of your payment are detailed and executed.

Licensing is a Money-Making Process

That is the outline of how licensing creates fortunes. These three simple condensed licensing steps that make up the money-making “Licensing Process.”

The fact of the matter is that licensing is a simple, low-risk, and incredibly powerful tool – once you get a solid understanding of what activities separate it from the legal protection process.

People spend more time on legal protection than is necessary. They wrongly think that this will help them make more money in the future when the reality is that it severely delays their income generation.

It’s not a question of “IF” licensing works. It’s already proven. You need to start taking the licensing actions that lead to generating income. You must know the activities that move you in your desired direction and reduce or eliminate the others.

Most people don’t make money with their IP simply because they can’t distinguish between the income generation activities of licensing vs. licensing legal protection activities.

That’s why I’ve decided to offer you this training product at an excellent price.

Introducing “The Money vs. the Legal Side of Licensing”

This training course will remove any confusion with both sides of licensing, from the money-making side to the legal protection side. People think of licensing as a legal process. That’s a small part of it. Licensing is a money-making process.

Here's What You'll Learn

First, there is the Legal Side. 

  • The IP System. The legal laws that that product IP. It’s most commonly known as the legal means for protecting creativity, inventions, and knowledge. It gives the creator a legal right to prevent others from using their IP without their permission.
  • The legal contract side. That enables the IP owner to give (grant) rights to use their IP to another person for a price while keeping ownership of the IP.

Then, there’s “The Money-Making Process.”  This 5 step process (licensing) brings the owner of the IP, together with the people who know how to market and sell it (commercialize). 

  • Step 1 – Development & Protection – The development and protection of the IP and the right questions to ask at this stage on the opportunities represented.
  • Step 2 – Marketing – Packaging your intellectual property’s benefits into different marketing materials and finding licensees and connecting with them.
  • Step 3 – Negotiation – The different terms and types of payment structures. You’ll learn about advances, royalties calculated on gross sales vs. net sales, and different royalty ranges.
  • Step 4 – Contract – This is the formalizing of what’s agreed in the negotiation.
  • Step 5 – Generate Revenue – When the licensee receives the transfer of rights, markets, or uses your IP and pays you.

The “Money-Making Pillars” section explains what types of opportunities exist, how to find the possibilities, and how to use licensing to make money with those opportunities. The 7 Money-Making Pillars of Licensing are:


Pillar 1 – Licensing Spells Opportunity

  • Why the demand for IP worldwide is growing.
  • Six sources to find IP and licensing opportunities. 
  • Opportunities for startups to build a business with unused IP that’s lying around waiting for someone to do something with it.

Pillar 2 – A Framework to Unite

  • The necessary parties that come together to make licensing deals happen successfully.
  • Why idea people should look for businesses and marketers to form licensing partnerships.
  • Why business should look for idea people to form licensing partnerships.
  • Other experts to bring on to your team to facilitate deals for you.

Pillar 3 – The Fast Track To The Market Place

  • Why licensing is a fast-track to the marketplace with your IP.
  • Why licensing is a better, safer alternative to starting a business with your IP.
  • Why companies can fast-track their growth by bringing new IP into their company when running out of ideas.

Pillar 4 – Licensing Attracts Resources

  • Why licensing is a great mechanism to use other people’s resources (OPR).
  • If you need capital, why changing, your mindset can help you achieve the same goals with licensing.
  • How licensing fills any gap or lack of resources once you know what deals to make.

Pillar 5 – Licensing Multiplies Income

  • How licensing generates multiple sources of income that are hard to come by from other business models.
  • The “Multiplier Effect” of licensing revenue that diversifies your income streams.
  • The leverage of “Recurring Income” and why you only do it once to collect royalties on an ongoing basis.

Pillar 6 – Licensing Is Lucrative

  • The high margins of licensing income.
  • The “low risk, high return” of licensing revenue.
  • Why getting a small piece of a bigger pie with licensing is better than keeping a bigger share or little to nothing.

Pillar 7 – Licensing Operates Globally

  • How the internet makes it easy to license anything anywhere in the world.
  • Why licensing operates the same all over the world.
  • The opportunities licensing creates for ambitious business people, entrepreneurs, and idea people.
  • How global licensing gives you access to unlimited sources of IP and businesses around the world


If you’ve already protected your IP, this training will get you moving straight into the licensing process to generate income. If you haven’t protected your IP yet, this training helps save you time and money by focusing only on what you need to protect to make money with your IP. You’ll get much further ahead than others still stuck getting unnecessary protection for their IP.

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