6 Ways to Create Lucrative Licensing Deals

A Quick “How-To” Guide on Money – Making Licensing Strategies

During this how-to course, you will learn six vital licensing strategies, what they are and when and how to use these strategies to license your intellectual property.


  • 30 Minute Video Workshop
  • PDF Slides

Here’s what’s inside this workshop:

1. General Approach – Licensing Big and Broad
2. Segment Specific – Get Rich Licensing the Niche
3. Brand Extension – Expanding Your Reach
4. Strategic Alliances – Collaborating for the Cash Flow
5. Joint Venture – Forming a Partnership for Resources
6. Sublicensing – Re-licensing through a Master Licensee

Whether you own intellectual property or are looking to acquire rights to an IP, you can use these six strategies in many ways to create money-making licensing deals. The key is to control the cash flow generated from your IP rights.

This course will help you determine the right licensing strategy for your IP.

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