6 Ways to Create Lucrative Licensing Deals

A Quick “How-To” Guide on Money – Making Licensing Strategies


  • 30 Minute Video Workshop
  • PDF Slides

You can significantly increase your money-making opportunities with the right licensing strategy! Licensing offers a flexible way to generate cash, but it’s essential to have an informed approach. With this workshop, 6 Ways to Create Lucrative Licensing Deals, you can quickly learn how money-making licensing strategies work and when and how to apply them.

Beginning with a general approach, you will learn the step-by-step for each strategy. Whether you’re looking for segment-specific strategies or want to explore brand extension opportunities that let you expand your reach in the global market, the different approaches in this workshop will help you set up successful partnerships.

We’ll also dive into topics like strategic alliances, which allow both sides of a partnership to collaborate on mutually beneficial deals. And if you need more than that to get your creative juices flowing, we also cover joint venture resources and sub-licensing agreements. These options provide valuable frameworks that can put your money-making ambitions into motion.

The workshop educates you about all six key strategies so that you have the know-how necessary to create lucrative licensing deals for your IP. Start creating yours today with 6 Ways to Create Lucrative Licensing Deals!