The Licensing Toolkit for Copyright Owners

There’s a lot of junk information out there on licensing and making money from your copyright. Learn from a credible and reliable source with tons of experience in the trenches. You’ll shorten the time, avoid the costliest mistakes, and make your licensing journey more valuable, profitable, and enjoyable.

That’s why I created the Licensing Toolkit for Copyright Owners, to give you a tool specifically tailored with the correct information, steps, and processes to turn your copyright into money-making licensing deals successfully.

Licensing your copyright IP is a fast-track ticket to generating money and creating wealth – and you don’t have to figure it out yourself or do it alone. Whether you’ve created a new kid’s character, developed innovative software, produced a new animated show, or looking to expand your book, TV show, movie, or video game into the international marketplace, you need to get into the licensing game. How?

The fastest way is with The Licensing Toolkit for Copyright Owners. It includes all the key steps and core tools you need to prepare, plan, present, and negotiate licensing deals for your copyright IP. Each tool builds upon the next in an easy-to-follow sequence of steps and worksheets. Once completed, you’ll have everything you need to take action and create money-making licensing deals with your copyright IP.

Here's What is Included in the Toolkit

This toolkit includes the same worksheets and procedures I use with my clients in managing and making money with their IP.  It streamlines the process and gets your licensing program as quickly as possible.

The Licensing Strategy


  • A one-page fill-in the blanks worksheet to guide you in creating the right strategy for your copyright
  • 6 Ways to Use Licensing To Make Money with Your Copyright
  • How Copyright Licensing Works
  • 10 Key Copyright Licensing Strategies and How to Use Them

Licensing Plan Worksheet

  • A one-page fill-in-the-blank template to create your specific what and how action steps
  • Five critical questions you must answer for every licensing partner
  • Five key deal terms you must provide BEFORE negotiating your licensing deal
  • Four steps to creating your marketing action plan
  • How to find and address any issues BEFORE your licensing partner does

Licensing Opportunity One-Sheet

  • The first information you must give a potential licensing partner
  • The eight key parts of the licensing opportunity profile
  • How to create the right copyright value proposition that gets potential partners interested
  • How to make sure your copyright is right for a licensing partner
  • The two most critical questions you must answer about your copyright
  • How to show a licensee why they’ll make money with your copyright
  • Examples of licensing opportunity profiles

Licensing Partner Qualification Questions

  • The Key to Successfully Finding and Communicating with Partners
  • 5 Sources for Finding Potential Partners
  • Why You Must Qualify Every Licensing Partner BEFORE Negotiating
  • How to Qualify Your Licensing Partners and What to Watch Out For
  • 4 Critical Parts of the Qualifying Process

Negotiating Checklist

  • The Number One Goal of Your Negotiations
  • The Two Most Important Things You Must Prepare Before You Negotiate
  • Inside Strategies to Manage a Successful Negotiation Process
  • 27 Critical Terms For Negotiating a Copyright Licensing Deal

Added Bonus

The Copyright Licensing Agreement

  • The 3 Types of Copyright Licensing Agreements and When to Use Them
  • How to Make Sure Your Agreement Protects Your Copyright Rights
  • The 8 Most Critical Parts of the Licensing Agreement

The Licensing Toolkit for Copyright Owners is a Proven Step-by-Step System for Preparing, Planning, Presenting, and Negotiating Money-Making Licensing Deals for your Copyright

Don’t risk losing the time and money you’ve invested in building your Copyright. The next best investment you can make is investing in the skills and knowledge to successfully license it and generate money with it the right way.