Licensing Strategies  for Nonprofits

Licensing is not only a great strategy to expand your nonprofit business, but it’s also a great way to create a recurring revenue funding source. 

Instead of relying on single transactions from one grant at a time, this workshop will teach you licensing strategies to help your nonprofit create a self-sustaining funding model.

Here’s what’s inside this training course:

• Why changing your thinking will change your funding results
• Why your nonprofit is running two businesses
• Why this is the best time to license your nonprofit IP
• The best licensing strategies for nonprofits and how to use them
• How to use licensing to generate self-sustaining recurring revenue
• How to use licensing to scale and grow your nonprofit
• How an effective licensing strategy can attract more sponsor donations

And more!

90 Minute Audio Presentation

  1. Introduction to Non Profit Licensing
  2. Types of NP Revenue Partnerships
  3. The NP Licensing for Funding Model
  4. Why Companies License Non-Profit Brands
  5. Benefits & Risks of NP Licensing
  6. Successful Non Profit Licensing Programs
  7. Retail Sales of Licensed Non-Profit Merchandise
  8. Examples of Licensed NP Merchandise
  9. NP Licensing Strategies
  10. Finding Licensing Partners
  11. Marketing the NP Licensing Program
  12. Negotiating NP Licensing Deals
  13. Key Terms in NP Licensing Agreements
  14. Managing Licensees
  15. Summarizing the Key Points
  16. Licensing Agreement Checklist

Nonprofit Licensing Toolkit

  • IP Inventory Worksheet
  • Licensing Strategy and Plan Template
  • Licensing Opportunity One-Page Template
  • Licensee Qualification Questionnaire
  • Negotiating Preparation Checklist
  • Licensing Agreement Key Terms Checklist
  • Licensing Strategies Summary
  • Sample Copyright Licensing Agreement
  • Sample Trademark Licensing Agreement
  • Sample Course Materials Licensing Agreement
  • Licensee Contracts Management Spreadsheet Template