Licensing Mastery Wealth Creation System

It doesn’t matter what type of IP you created – patent, trademark, copyright or trade secret – you can transform it into money-making products and services.  Licensing Mastery is a breakthrough proven system that shows you how.


Licensing Mastery Wealthy Creation Licensing System

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5 Secrets to Presenting Licensing Deals

I recently purchased your Licensing Mastery seminar…it was incredibly informative. Your insight and explanations are detailed and easy to follow. I definitely recommend this seminar for those people wanting to learn how to license their intellectual property.

B. Dunkley, St. Albert, AB Canada

Are You Ready to Learn the “Real Money-Making Secrets” of Licensing?

Nowhere else will you find this eye-opening information – this information is a result of more than twenty years of experience and millions of dollars in IP licensing deals discovering and perfecting these methods and techniques. I’ve created Licensing Mastery for anyone – inventors, entrepreneurs, business owners and start-ups – to learn how to unlock the money-making power of intellectual property.  Here are some of the ‘inside secrets’ you’ll discover:

  • What are the money-making secrets of IP and making it work for you…
  • How to transform your (or anyone’s) intellectual property into money-making products and services…
  • The 11 biggest mistakes almost everybody makes, and how to avoid them…
  • How to develop an “IP mindset” that will have you on the lookout to be the first to profit from new ideas…
  • Insider tips and tricks to make your IP money-making proposals at least twice as effective…
  • The marketing side of IP – where the profits are turned into fortunes…
  • A simple system for negotiating the terms of a “killer” IP licensing deal…
  • Why getting a trademark, patent, or copyright attorney involved in your idea too soon is sure to kill your deal — and how to make sure that never happens…
  • How to structure your IP deal so everyone wins…
  • How to find the right companies and contacts…
  • How to capitalize on any intellectual property, anytime, anywhere…
  • How to decide if your IP will sell…
  • How to know when to manufacture your IP yourself…
  • And a lot more…

Most experts like to focus all their training on teaching you how to protect your intellectual property without focusing on the most important thing in any and every business, which is – generating revenue!


Without income, without revenue, you don’t have a business.

Let me repeat that:

Without income, without revenue, you don’t have a business.

What would you rather do?

  1. Spend all your time and money to find and protect every little loophole you can discover but never getting get to the point of generating actual revenue – OR…
  2. Spend the least amount of time and money required to adequately protect your intellectual property so can reach the revenue generation point sooner than later?

Of course you would want to go with Option 2.

Why wait any longer to start licensing and earning revenue from your intellectual property than you have to? This is a business and cash flow is the name of the game in any business. The sooner you can reach cash flow, the better for your business and the better for YOU.

At the licensing stage, it’s time to make money.

The Licensing Mastery Wealth Creation System

Here’s what’s included:

4 Audio Workshop CD’s (4 hours)  

  • Part 1 – Options & Opportunities, Finding Your IP Fit, IP Revenue Forecast
  • Part 2 – Power of Research, Tradeshow Secrets, Passion Presentations
  • Part 3 – Build IP Value, Maximize Royalty Rates, Negotiation Do’s & Don’ts, Due Diligence Advantage
  • Part 4 – 3 Key Legal Docs, Must Have Terms, Terms to Avoid, Types of Agreements

Bonus CDs

  • Customizable PowerPoint Licensing Presentation Template
  • Sample Agreements in Editing Format

2 Printed Books including:

  • Workshop Transcribed Book with entire audio workshop indexed for easy reference
  • Reference Notes with Fast Start Licensing Plan and copies of sample licensing agreements

Email Newsletter – Packed with actionable information on strategies, trends, negotiation tactics, contract tips, and money-making licensing opportunities.



To be successful in making money with your IP and creating enormous wealth, all you need is the RIGHT system to follow.  Licensing Mastery will give you the system, processes, methods and ongoing professional support to successfully transform your intellectual property into money-making products and services.

Format:    MP3 Audio & PDF


  • 4 Audio CD’s
  • Bonus CDs with Templates
  • Audio Workshop Transcribed Book
  • Reference Notes workbooks with sample Licensing Agreements
  • Email Newsletter Licensing4Profits

A No-Risk Offer

Licensing Mastery is an investment in learning and mastering the money-making skills of licensing that will pay back your investment many times over.  If you listen to this workshop and decide it’s not for you, then return it within 30 days for a full refund.