Know-How Licensing System



How you do something – key processes and methods that give your business a competitive advantage – are valuable intellectual property. Some examples include manufacturing processes necessary to make a product, or that cuts its cost, or business methods that are unique ways of conducting business.

In simple terms, a business method or know-how are tasks related to making, delivering and /or selling a product, service or technology. Business methods cover a broad range of processes and systems – from sales systems to production to registration, even ways of collecting and using information. For example, it could be a method for performing an auction, a method to track package delivery, a method to accept payments, a method to rent movies, etc. While some business methods, such as internet based technologies are patents, most are protected as trade secrets. This means it’s unregistered IP kept confidential.


Anytime you solve a problem, you have created a potential IP asset. If you meet a problem in your business or with your customer, it’s likely your competitors will meet that same problem. If so, you’ve created valuable know-how IP that others would want to license.

I’ll teach you how you can turn your business methods and know-how into a licenseable intellectual property and let others pay you royalties to use it.

It doesn’t matter if it’s manufacturing, sales systems, advertising, or marketing systems, if you have a proprietary business method, system or process in place, you can make money licensing it – provided it meets the criteria of intellectual property. And in this audio workshop I’ll show you how to make that determination and how to develop and carry out a licensing plan that works for you.

Here’s what’s included in the License Your Business Methods, Systems and Know-How Package:

  • The Audio Presentation Reference Notes for easy reference to follow the audio presentation, a Licensing Opportunity Profile template, and a licensee potential revenue model worksheet example.
  • Audio CD with a 2 1/2 hour audio workshop that will teach you the inside strategies, techniques and tools to successfully licensing your business methods or know-how in 90 days or less.
  •  Sample Agreement Book with examples of all the types of agreements including the NDA, Short Form and Long Form licensing agreements.