IP Inventory Workshop

How to Create an IP Inventory

If You Don’t Know What You Have, How Can You Make Money With It?


  • 20 Minute Video Workshop
  • PDF Workbook and Templates

Are you looking to get the most out of your intellectual property? Do you need help finding, identifying, and organizing your IP assets? Look no further! The IP Inventory: How to Find, Identify and Organize Your IP Assets is here to help.

You know that intellectual property is like buried treasure, a rich deposit of wealth hidden in plain sight – but the trick is to find and identify it.

That’s where this e-course comes in. With our friendly and easy-to-follow guidance, you can learn exactly how to find every nook and cranny of your intellectual property.

What's Inside this Workshop

You’ll learn about four main types – patent rights, copyrights, trademarks, and business secrets – and five categories of assets, from customer information and software source code to business models and databases. We also include a quick start guide to kick off your IP inventory immediately.

Don’t let your valuable assets stay buried any longer – get the most out of what’s yours with The IP Inventory: How to Find, Identify and Organize Your IP Assets!