IP Attraction Factor Workshop

How to Make Your IP Licensable

5 Ways to Build Your IP Value


  • 30 Minute Video Workshop
  • PDF Slides

Licensing Partners Don’t License IP – They License Money!

Ready to make your Intellectual Property licensable? This course will give you everything you need to maximize your IP value and create wealth-building potential. Learn how to break through the intellectual property clutter, secure legal rights, increase marketability and profitability, maximize money-making potential, and understand how IP dynamics can change the value of your IP.

Innovation is key! During this course, you’ll learn about using innovative strategies to make your IP desirable on the market. Discover how to identify opportunities for legal registration, add marketability and profitability to your work, and maximize the money-making capacity of your Intellectual Property across its lifecycle. Finally, gain insight into selecting licensing partners vested in creating more value with what you’ve developed.

By learning the essential points of each attraction factor, you’ll be able to develop a targeted list of steps necessary to make your intellectual Property valuable enough for licensing partners. Don’t let anyone else reap the rewards of all your hard work – get the How to Make Your IP Licensable course today and start down the path toward making money from your IP!