The IP Attraction Factor

5 Ways to Build Your IP Value


  • 30 Minute Video Workshop
  • PDF Slides

Licensing Partners Don’t License IP – They License Money!

Value is what makes your IP attractive to licensing partners.  Or put another way, the greater the money-making potential,  the more attractive it is to licensing partners.

During this course, you will learn about the 5 Pillars of IP Value and how to use them to make your IP attractive to potential licensing partners.

Here’s what’s inside this workshop:

  1. Innovation – Breaking through the IP Clutter
  2. Securing the IP Legal Rights – What You Should Know Before Filing for Registration
  3. Marketability & Profitability – The Two Most Important Parts to Your IP
  4. The IP Lifecycle – Maximizing the Money Making Power of Your IP
  5. From Lukewarm to Red-hot – How Market Dynamics can Change the Value of Your IP

Value is critical to all types of intellectual property – patents, trademarks, copyrights, and know-how – and the more you understand how to use these value-building pillars, the better you will be able to create money-making licensing deals.

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