How to Maximize Royalty Rates

How to Maximize Royalty Rates

Inside Secrets to Negotiating The Highest Royalty Rate in Licensing Deals

Royalty Rates are the amount of cash flow paid to the IP owner by a licensee.  Understanding how to negotiate and structure these royalty rate payments is core to the wealth-creating power of licensing.  During this workshop, you will learn the inside strategies and how to use them to negotiate the highest royalty rate for your licensing deals.

Here's What's Covered

  1. IP Value – The Money Making Foundation
  2. Royalty Rates – Myths and Mistakes
  3. Negotiating Royalties – The 3 Step Process
  4. Structuring Royalty Rates – The Key to Maximizing Cash
  5. Avg. Royalty Rates – Low and High Range by Industry
  6. Finding the Right Royalty Rate – It’s About the Bottom Line

Royalties are negotiated based on how much value your IP offers a licensing partner. The greater its potential money-making opportunities, the higher the royalty rate.  As your IP increases in value, the secret is to know when and how to leverage it.  Negotiating royalty rates the right way will maximize the wealth-creating opportunities from your licensing deals.