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How to License University IP to Launch Your Startup

Learn how to tap billions of dollars in market-ready IP to launch a start-up business.

Did you know there is an untapped billion-dollar opportunity for start-up companies? It’s called University Intellectual Property. Many of the largest and most successful companies today started with technologies licensed from Universities, including the V-chip, Habitrol nicotine patch, Google, and Cochlear implant hearing device.


  • 30-minute audio seminar
  • 32 Page audio transcribed book
  • 18 Page Reference Notes
  • Sample Licensing Agreement

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With over 40,000 licensing agreements and nearly 5,000 companies spun out of University IP, start-ups with university IP now contribute over $40 billion a year to the country’s economy.

Universities have creative people performing leading research and pioneering the development of new ingenious technologies. As a result, many universities hold core patents and fundamental know-how for breakthrough technologies.

And it’s a virtual goldmine of commercial ready technologies and products just waiting for a start-up company to license.

Here's some of the licensing secrets you'll learn during this audio training program:

  • What is University Intellectual property and how to find them in your own backyard
  • What type of licenses are offered and what is the process of acquiring these university licenses
  • The first thing a start-up MUST do before submitting a licensing proposal
  • Understanding some of the key licensing terms and which ones must be included in a start-up agreement
  • How to lock up the licensing rights without a formed business
  • How to license the University IP for little or no upfront money
  • What funding sources are available and how a start-up can use these funding sources
  • And much more.

Regular Price: $149

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The University IP Course is a goldmine of wealth and knowledge. The course is presented in a step-by-step format so you can’t go wrong with pursuing this untapped venture. If someone will put the effort into the process presented in the course, you can’t go wrong. You will be able to establish yourself and company along the way with great profits. Excellent course.

Get the Inside Track on New Technologies

Obtaining a license from a university to its newly developed technologies allows a start-up to gain early access to these technologies, and often at a price tag that is lower than developing the products or technology internally. Licensing University IP will teach you how to tap into this billion-dollar start-up opportunity.

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  • How to Beat the Odds with Licensing
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