How to Find a Licensing Partner in 90 Days or Less

6 Resources to Find and Meet Potential Licensing Partners


  • 30 Minute Video Workshop
  • PDF Slides

Are you looking for the right partner to license your intellectual property? A successful partnership builds wealth, and this workshop will help you with resources and tips to seek out potential partners who are well-suited to commercializing your IP. With 6 Sources for Finding and Meeting the Right Licensing Partner, you can rest assured that you’ll make smart decisions in selecting the right licensing partner.

This webinar walks you through multiple sources of information where you can identify key decision-makers and contact them directly. You’ll find information on performing due diligence research using internet search engines, trade association directories, trade magazines, and tradeshows. Additionally, we’ll guide you on maximizing networking opportunities at events and conventions to create strong connections quickly. We will also discuss when to enlist third-party agents as a helpful tool.

6 Sources for Finding and Meeting the Right Licensing Partner provides a comprehensive look into locating the perfect licensing partner while avoiding common pitfalls of the process. Dress up your IP in its best business attire – it’s time to take it out shopping for a new licensing partner!