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Fast Start 7 Steps to Licensing Success

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Fast Start – Part One

  • 7 big benefits of licensing most people don’t know about.
  • Proof that there’s more IP available than people who know what to do with and how you can become one of those few who profit from it.
  • How to use IP to raise capital and expand your business options (easily raise at least $100k or more on IP).
  • How to skip most of the effort, cost, and sweat equity to market entry with IP (save years of struggle and hundreds of thousands of dollars).
  • How to greatly reduce your risk exposure when a large company licenses your IP.
  • Advanced business structures for licensing, their importance, and how to set them up to your advantage.
  • Tax credits for royalties you’ve never heard of before and their secret relationship to raising capital.
  • One of the best strategies for holding your IP to keep ownership of it when you sell your company.
  • 10 creative ways IP can be licensed without money changing hands.
  • How to leverage “traction” when selling to investors or licensees
  • Ever hear of positive know-how or negative know-how?
  • Positive and Negative Rights – what they are and why you should know what they are.
  • Why reading “prior art” is so important when dealing with patents.
  • The most important part of preparing a patent and why nothing else matters if you don’t cover this.
  • The catch 22 of licensing trade secrets and what to do when a company refuses to sign an NDA.
  • The only 2 numbers licensees want to see or hear from you (don’t bother presenting any figures if it’s not these).
  • Before you go into any meetings – know this or risk being asked out of the door (this will prevent many missed chances).
  • The one thing that must be in your projections and why licensees don’t expect you to be 100% accurate.
  • Why focusing on a specific royalty percentage can cost you good deals.
  • The most important preparation task you must do before negotiating a deal with a company.
  • Why the biggest companies in the market are not always the best to contact your licensing offers.
  • 6 licensing strategies you’ve got to know like the back of your hand.

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Fast Start – Part 2

  • 4 main ways to divide your rights and how to avoid giving away valuable rights for nothing.
  • Critical success factors for presenting your licensing opportunity.
  • How to develop a solid understanding of any intellectual property you present.
  • How to prevent licensees from suing for misrepresentation by doing this one thing early.
  • Why rushing the negotiation process always ends badly.
  • Simple mistakes you can avoid if you take care of these specific preparation details.
  • How to analyze deals worth doing and why a bad deal is worse than no deal at all.
  • Why you should take a step back and analyze deals that start moving too quickly.
  • How to use performance-based clauses and milestones in your agreements to get out of bad deals.
  • Why litigation should be your last resort and the more popular route most companies take with their agreements.
  • How to handle situations where IP isn’t well received in the market but still keep your reputation.
  • The secret to making sure you negotiate strong from the beginning.
  • The difference between leaving negotiations or settling for what they offer.
  • The 3 key licensing documents and how to use them when negotiating your deals.
  • Licensing agreements and how to structure them safely and profitably.
  • Different types of licensing agreements and how to know which one you should use.
  • The 5 most important key terms to create a successful licensing agreement.
  • The one-term you must-have in your agreements to make sure you get paid the right royalty amounts.

Only $129 from $249 (50% Off)
For 72 Hours Only

Fast Start Part 3 – Bonus Advanced Q&A 

  • How to find unused patents and turn them into licensing opportunities.  
  • Why you should never abandon your IP once it’s registered.
  • How important it is to get the right advice when dealing with patent registrations.
  • Why inventors must be the first to file their patent; otherwise, you can’t protect it.
  • How to raise money with IP and the best way to structure your IP to get investors to write you checks.  
  • Different scenarios of holding IP in separate entities and dealing with investors.
  • Why companies sell off all their other assets except the IP when they go bust.
  • How the IP industry is globalizing and becoming easier to transact.
  • Regions and industries with the biggest appetite for IP and licensing.

Only $129 from $249 (50% Off)
For 72 Hours Only

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6 Sources To Finding Licensing Partners (MP4)

Discover 6 different gold mines to find the licensing partners that connect to your opportunity easily. These sources will also show you where to find decision-makers directly, getting an inside track to understanding any industry, and fast-track relationship-building tips. 

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10 Inside Tips for Creating and Delivering Winning Licensing Presentations (PDF)

Are you nervous or unsure about making a presentation for why a licensee should license your IP? With these 10 tips, you’ll have the certainty that you’ll present a persuasive case that will have potential licensees asking, “Where do we sign?”

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The Licensing Compass Mini-Coaching Session

Even with all the information, you need an objective expert to talk to about your specific situation. Whether it’s validating or invalidating any assumptions you’ve made or clarifying your expectations, this 30-minute one-on-one telephone coaching session will help you get an expert opinion on where you are and what you need to do.

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