E-Book – Winning Licensing Presentations

5 No Cost and Low Cost Ways to Promote Your Licensing Opportunity

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10 Inside Tips for Creating and Delivering Winning Licensing Presentations

Are you an inventor or entrepreneur looking for advice on creating the perfect presentation for licensing your IP? 10 Inside Tips for Creating Winning Licensing Presentations is here to help! This e-book offers the ultimate insider tips to help you make a persuasive case for why a potential partner should license your IP.

We’ll walk through essential advice such as knowing your numbers, avoiding the hype, making it logical, and how less is more. You’ll also get direction on addressing tough questions, rehearsing your presentation thoroughly, consulting your legal adviser in advance, and, most importantly, telling them precisely what you want. Plus – as a bonus – we’ll provide a complete example of an effective licensing presentation.

With years of industry experience backing us up, this powerful e-book gives inventors and startups from any background the tools needed to feel confident when presenting their licensing opportunity. Don’t risk leaving money on the table – get 10 Inside Tips for Creating Winning Licensing Presentations today!