6 Steps to Creating a Money Making Licensing Plan

A Roadmap to Creating Wealth with Intellectual Property

Are you ready to create a successful licensing plan but need help figuring out where to start? Look no further! Our 6 Steps to Creating a Licensing Action Plan is the perfect way to get your licensing program running. This workshop provides the resources and information needed to develop an action plan that identifies your money-making opportunities, the right licensing partners, and how you’ll negotiate your licensing deals.

This workshop will provide in-depth answers to eight critical questions for creating a licensing action plan. We’ll show you what you must do to make your IP licensable and equip you with an understanding of why and how licensees will benefit from it. You’ll also learn how to build and analyze profitability forecasts and get your plan going with the Fast Track Licensing Plan three-part worksheet.

When completed, you’ll have a solid knowledge base and insight on potential licensee benefits; plus be one step closer to creating a successful business strategy through intellectual property licensing. So don’t wait – investing in success starts with 6 Steps to Creating a Licensing Action Plan!