Licensing Workshop for Startups

3 Strategies for Startup Success

Learn the “Startup Success Formula” to add massive value to your startup, stand out from your competition, and strategically use your IP to keep you moving forward in the marketplace.

Here's what you'll learn in this never-before-seen video presentation:

  • How the biggest companies today all started with intellectual property.
  • Why the majority of company acquisitions today are for intangible assets like intellectual property.
  • How smart startups save time and money on developing new products and services by licensing in intellectual property (Universities and research labs are full of completed products and technologies startups can quickly license – Google came from Stanford; microchip came from NASA; Gatorade came from the University of Florida).
  • How startups undervalue their IP and how they can use it to attract investors and raise capital.
  • The most valuable asset of companies today is their IP and how startups can design an IP strategy into their business to achieve higher success and valuations.
  • Proof that everything in your business is intellectual property.
  • How startups with intellectual property grow faster, have a higher success rate, and achieve higher valuations than startups without it.
  • The right questions that give you the certainty to know what situations make licensing intellectual property the right move for you.

Bonus Special Report

Special Report: 3 Startup Success Secrets

Statistically, most businesses fail in their first five years. But there is a way to improve your odds significantly.

Smart businesses understand IP and how to use licensing to succeed. It’s also the difference between the success and failure of a company in raising capital.

The report will discuss the three factors of successful startups and businesses in today’s competitive marketplace. These include:

  • Intellectual property;
  • A plan to manage it;
  • A strategy to license it.