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I created the Licensing Mastery Coaching calls as a cost-effective way for you to get my licensing experience, advice and guidance at your fingertips. The greatest frustration I feel is when I encounter an inventor, business owner or entrepreneur with an intellectual property that has huge potential for success, but don’t have the budget to retain my licensing services full time.

Your IP is a money-making asset. Don’t let it wither away through inaction, a lack of knowledge or simply an unwillingness to invest the time, money and resources. Licensing is the process that gets you a return on your IP investment. Just like working with a Wealth Advisor or Certified Financial Planner to get sound investment advice, you need the right “IP Investment Adviser” to help you manage and make money with your intellectual property. That’s the value of my coaching calls. It’s the professional advice, resources, and tools you need to get the greatest return on the investment you’ve made in your intellectual property.

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