A Smarter Solution for Turning Your Intellectual Property Into Income

Professional Advice to Guide You in Every Step of Your Licensing Activities

I created the coaching as a cost-effective way for you to get my licensing experience, advice, and guidance at your fingertips. The greatest frustration I feel is when I encounter an inventor, business owner, or entrepreneur with an intellectual property with huge potential for success but doesn’t have the budget to retain my licensing services full-time.

During the one-hour coaching calls, we will go through the same steps and process I use for my consulting clients – from creating your licensing strategy to contacting target licensees to negotiating a deal. I provide the experience and know-how; you provide the time and legwork to set up and manage the licensing campaign activities. I’ll be with you every step of the way to advise and guide you and ensure you are on the right track.

Avoid Wasting Time and Costly Mistakes

Turn intellectual property into money, making licensing deals faster with the right expertise, resources, and advice. Find licensing partners faster, create compelling presentations, negotiate bigger deals, get higher royalties, and turn your IP into income-producing products and services.

Even better, never waste valuable time and money searching for answers to your licensing questions, worrying about making mistakes, or trying to understand complicated licensing agreements…and forget about costly contract blunders, negotiating nightmares, shady licensing partners, losing control of your IP, not getting paid, poor advice, using the wrong strategy, failing to protect your IP rights, missing a big income opportunity, or winding up in a bad licensing deal.

What do coaching customers have to say?

Dear Rand, I promised to keep you updated, and I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. I cannot thank you enough, because the coaching session we had a few months ago was very impactful and it set me off in the right direction using the ideas and concepts from your study courses. I was able to get a major entertainment management company in California interested and on board with my branded entertainment idea. Thank you kindly,
Hi Rand, Per our last coaching session, you told us if this event goes well, the DIRTY IN THE CLUB ® brand will take off…well...you were right… licensing opportunities are moving quickly. Over a month ago, DIRTY IN THE CLUB ® struck the first licensing deal in the events category (Halloween party). As a result of that event, our first licensee is prepared to sign a multi-year renewal deal for future events... We were also approached …by a major entertainment promotions group about (licensing) the DIRTY IN THE CLUB ® brand name for an entertainment-infused restaurant concept across the country…. All the best,
Ryan & RJ
"Hi Rand, I hope all is well! I just got my first check in the mail! Thank you, Rand, for helping me get what I needed to make sure my contracts cover my best interest. I look forward to recommending your consulting to whomever I come across that is interested in licensing. Best,"


Cost for Coaching Services


I offer single hourly coaching sessions and, for a better rate, four and six hourly coaching session packages.

Plus, you can schedule your coaching sessions when it fits your schedule.

It’s up to you.  

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To your licensing success.