You Get the Same Exact Resources I Provide My Full Service Consulting Clients

Retaining my services to set up and manage your licensing program may not be in your budget. That’s why I created the coaching program. I provide the expertise and know-how of what to do, and you provide the leg work to go and do it.

90 Day Coaching Program 

Set up and Launch Your Licensing Campaign

During the weekly one-hour coaching calls, we will go through the same steps and process I use for my consulting clients – from creating your licensing strategy, to contacting target licensees, to negotiating a deal. I provide the experience and know-how, you provide the time and legwork to set up and manage the licensing campaign activities. I’ll be with you every step of the way to advise and guide you, and make sure your on the right track.

One Hour Coaching Call 

Get Some Advice on What to do Next.

The one-hour coaching call is a great way to get some advice and guidance on what you need to do to license your IP. Whether it’s learning if your IP is licensable, or solving a specific licensing issue, the one-on-one coaching call will get you the answers you need to figure out your next licensing step. The hour coaching call gives you an opportunity to “try out” my coaching services to see if the longer coaching program is right for you.