What Are You Doing to Make Money with Your IP?

Don’t let a lack of knowledge stop you from turning your IP into money-making licensing deals. Your path to licensing success is only a click away. 

Licensing Coaching is like having a full-time licensing division at your fingertips. You’ll have my professional experience to guide you in developing money-making licensing deals with your intellectual property.  You won’t waste time trying to learn all the ins and outs of what works and what doesn’t, figuring out how to pitch your deal, decipher what the terms of a licensing agreement mean, wonder if the licensing proposal is a good deal for you, and the myriad of other issues that “pop-up” with your licensing deals. You’ll get my know-how and experience, along with the proven processes, templates, forms, agreements, presentations, and strategies to successfully turn your intellectual property into money-making licensing deals.

Here's a Sample of What You Can Accomplish With Coaching

• If you have a new invention, we’ll get it ready for licensing
• If you are ready to license your IP, I’ll show you how to find and attract licensing partners
• If you have a partner ready to license your IP, we’ll  get that deal done the right way
• If you are not sure you have IP, we’ll find it and package it for licensing
• If you are a business owner, we’ll leverage your IP to create income without the cost

Here Are Your Coaching Options

Hourly Coaching Sessions


Get Advice on Your IP and
What to do Next

This plan is for new IP owners. You’ll get advice and guidance on what you need to do to license your IP. It will help you get organized and figure out your best licensing options. 

4 Coaching Sessions


Get Advice on Any Stage of
Your Licensing Campaign

If your IP is ready for licensing, this plan provides guidance and advice for any stage of the licensing process – from finding licensing partners to negotiating deal terms.

12 Coaching Sessions


Set up, Launch, and Manage
the Entire Licensing Program

This plan is for IP owners looking for longer-term guidance to develop and manage the entire licensing campaign – from planning through contract compliance.

Added Bonus - The Licensing Toolkit

Each coaching plan includes the Licensing Toolkit with all the documents, forms, strategies, and information needed to create a tailored licensing campaign for your specific type of IP.  Click the images below to find out what’s included in these toolkits.

What Coaching Clients Have to Say


Patent Owners Guide to Licensing

Get this free guide and learn what patent licensing is and how to use it to make money with your patent.

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