August 12, 2021

Online Event

9AM Pacific / 12 Noon Eastern

Online Workshop and Coaching Clinic

Marketing Secrets of the Licensing Pros

This boot camp-style live coaching clinic will build your marketing skills and know-how so you can gain the attention of licensees, partners, investors, and entrepreneurs.

About the event

This live workshop is divided into four half-hour sessions – each one will lead you through a wealth of marketing secrets, strategies, and tactics – from figuring out the best markets for your IP to creating a compelling licensing story, determining the best social media channels, and more to help you get the biggest return on your licensing efforts.


Rand Brenner
Licensing Consulting Group

Rand Brenner is President and CEO of Licensing Consulting Group, an IP consultancy and licensing firm specializing in specializing in assisting clients in Strategic Consulting, Licensing Management and IP Due Diligence.  He has an extensive career as both licensee and licensor, and has developed licensing programs for several Hollywood blockbusters including the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Batman.  Rand is also a professional speaker on licensing, and has presented at numerous business events, conferences and trade shows. His latest book, Hidden Wealth: The Money Making Power of Licensing was published in 2019. Rand has written several article on intellectual property licensing that have appeared in the Licensing Journal and Intellectual Property Magazine.


Session 1

Understanding Your IP, Value Drivers and Market

Your IP is ready to license. Now it’s time to market it. This session zeroes in on what information you must-have for a successful licensing campaign.

  • Tips for getting critical information to include in your IP summary
  • How to play up your IP strengths in your marketing efforts
  • How to choose your best market opportunities: Size, Competition, Value Proposition
  • Creating a marketing plan and budget that includes: web, social media, and more

Session 2

IP Marketing Writing Best Practices

This session gives clear, concise advice on how to create a licensing summary and weave that information into a multi-channel marketing campaign. The focus is on the writing — not the marketing mediums.

  • How to decide what information to use based on your target market or markets
  • Examples of using the information in different marketing channels
  • Understanding your target licensee audience
  • How to craft your message based on that target group
  • How to create a licensing opportunity elevator pitch
  • How to glean marketing copy from market research materials

Session 3

Marketing by Channel

In this session, you’ll take the lessons learned in session 2 and create a “voice” by marketing channel including:

  • Web
  • E-mail
  • Live Events
  • Networking
  • Social Media
  • Video
  • Presentations
  • Non-Confidential summaries

Session 4

Marketing Campaign Follow-up System

Make and maintain your connection and relationship with your audience through:

  • Consistent communication process
  • Information pacing
  • Tracking and responding

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