3 Reasons Behind Your Licensing Struggles

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As an inventor, you may have encountered a situation where you cannot license your intellectual property (IP). It’s easy to assume this is due to a lack of interested companies or the money you are asking for is too high. But there’s more to it than that. Let’s examine why some inventors find it challenging to license their IPs.

The IP Doesn’t Have Any Market Interest and Never Will

Some inventions don’t have any market interest, regardless of how innovative or groundbreaking they may be. This could be because the technology is too complex for potential buyers or simply because it doesn’t fit a current commercial trend. In either case, licensing will be almost impossible if your IP doesn’t appeal to any market segment.

The IP Is Past Market Prime

Sometimes the IP was revolutionary at one point, but its popularity has decreased significantly over time, and now no one seems interested in it. This can happen even with your most successful inventions; after a while, people move on, and new trends emerge. If this happens with your invention, you need to reevaluate its potential and consider whether you should continue marketing it as-is or make changes so it has a current appeal to potential licensing partners.

The IP Is Before Its Time

Finally, sometimes an invention is so cutting-edge that buyers don’t know what to make of it yet. In these cases, licensing can be tricky because potential licensees may not understand the IP’s value until much later when society has had more time to adjust to the concept. It’s essential to remember that just because licensees aren’t ready for something now doesn’t mean they won’t be ready for it later—it might just require a bit of patience (and strategic marketing) on your part as an inventor.

Failure To License Your IP: A Matter Of Timing?

Failure to license your IP isn’t always caused by price or lack of interest; sometimes, the issue lies with timing and market trends instead. Whether your invention is too advanced for its good, past its prime in terms of popular demand, or simply not appealing enough yet—multiple factors contribute to why you might encounter difficulty finding someone willing to license your IP.

Understanding this can help you better assess why particular inventions succeed while others fail–and equip you with knowledge on how best to overcome your licensing struggles and handle these issues going forward!

Stop Your Licensing Struggles

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